Challenge Accepted! Re-Charging This Busy Mom

Two more days until school starts and my list is long with projects and my calendar with appointments. Moms are in overdrive with carpool lines, making lunches, getting kids to after school activities plus all the other things that fill our days up. Honestly, I wouldn’t trade my SAHM status for anything. But, this mama tends to get burned out without a little bit of down time.

My friend Jennifer at Tiny Oranges is reminding moms during a busy September that we should make the commitment to do one thing for ourselves with the Tiny Oranges Daily Charge Challenge.

Tiny Oranges Daily Challenge

I’m accepting the Daily Charge Challenge.

Jen has a bunch of great tips for how you can get started in your own challenge. I’m certainly using her list and I’m adding a few of my favorites below.

1. Listen to a new podcast. I love Totally Married and Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia (both free on iTunes).
2. Download a book and listen to one chapter each day during the month.
3. Kick back with a cup of coffee and an old movie – on a Monday morning.
4. Surprise someone in the afternoon with an iced coffee.
5. Drop a card into the mail for a friend.
6. Go try on new shoes.
7. Reserve Sunday nights for a DIY facial, or just spend some extra time taking off your makeup and moisturizing.
8. Take a leisurely walk around your neighborhood.
9. Buy yourself an US Weekly and try to figure out who those young actors are.
10. Go pin crazy on Pinterest.
11. Use a foam roller to massage your muscles.
12. Take a detox bath.
13. Go on a bike ride.
14. Cruise Target alone. Or meet a friend and cruise together.
15. Read the hilarious “People I Want to Punch in the Throat” by Jen Mann.

I’m sharing what I did to recharge each evening on Instagram. Follow along there or use the #DailyChargeChallenge to see what other busy moms are trying to do to stay sane!

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Female Friendships

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headband bookmark

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