RECAP! Gobble, Gobble and 99 Mom Problems

Yesterday was the first Thursday in a lot of weeks that Megan and I didn’t get together to record videos for Long Story Short. But, the ideas keep coming and the subject list keeps growing so we’ll have a lot to work on next week when we get together.

RECAP! This is what you missed if you aren’t a Long Story Short subscriber on YouTube!


On Monday, Megan and I talked turkey. We each answered ten questions about Thanksgiving in yet another TAG video. A friend asked me last weekend what a TAG video is and basically it just means that we’re supposed to “tag” someone else in hopes they’ll answer the same questions. I guess it’s like a YouTube thing or something. Anyway, watch here and tell me what you think I told Megan we had to cut out! Did she actually cut it or leave it in?

99 Mom Problems

Well, not really 99 problems but we got TWO! Two viewers left us their mom dilemmas and we dished our very best and totally unqualified advice on the respective matters. First up was a question about how to get a picky eater to eat without getting railroaded. Megan has all the answers here because…well, my kid is a good eater. The second question was if you should stand up to your Mother-In-Law over discipline or lose you shit to your husband because it’s his mom and therefore his problem to handle. Eek… that one was sticky!

We’d love for you to submit your mom dilemma! We’ll be recording another round in the coming weeks and could possibly make this a recurring series if the questions keep coming in! Email to or tweet us at @mamabub or @wendy_nielsen!

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If you click over this morning, you’ll find Megan and I taste testing another See’s Candies product. Jesus, you’d think they were paying us…but they aren’t. We do this stuff for free.

Final notes: I’m still on my short blogging and social media hiatus though I’ve been writing the most awesome blog posts — in my head — and hope they’ll make it here in the coming weeks.

RECAP! This Week on Long Story Short

YouTube channel, Long Story Short

Megan and I have been cranking out videos for our YouTube channel, Long Story Short. In fact, we recorded four new ones earlier this week and Megan declared that we were “on point” followed by a string of hand clapping and festive party hat emojis. Of course this was all via text because real life hand clapping and party hats would just be ridiculous! Ridiculously awesome. Sparkling Water Taste Test Taste test videos might be our favorites to record. No {Read More}

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What You Might Have Missed on Long Story Short

A behind the scenes look and recap of the October episodes of Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy, a YouTube channel for moms.

Megan and I have been making videos for our YouTube channel – Long Story Short – now for about six weeks. We crack up like crazy and it’s become quite a production on the days we record. I’m talking lots of lighting, microphones and wardrobe changes. Admittedly, we’re still trying to figure out what is working. We’re also playing around with content, too. We want to always offer some sort of takeaway and right now we’re throwing a lot of {Read More}

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Favorite Netflix Shows to Watch During Chemo

netflix milestones

I am so stoked to be part of the Netflix #StreamTeam! I learned last month that I was hand selected to join their exclusive blogger network to help share the awesomeness that is Netflix. Disclosure: Netflix provided me with a device and a year long subscription to stream content. All opinions are 100% my own. This month on the blog we’ve talked a lot about breast cancer and it’s been an awesome month of takeaways despite the heavy subject matter. While October {Read More}

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Speak in Whispers: Linda Lancaster Carey

Linda Lancaster Carey of The Tutu Project shares her best advice on how gratitude will get you through a breast cancer diagnosis.

Linda Lancaster Carey says that she’s been on this planet for 53 years, although her husband would argue that it’s actually 54. She is adamant that she’s not 54 until she’s 54, which will be in November. She keeps busy with several jobs. She and her husband have a commercial photography business, and The Tutu Project falls under this umbrella. She also runs a non-profit that supports women and men living with breast cancer. They have no children but have a lovely, lovely dog named {Read More}

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Alternative Therapies: Lisa Marie Ives

Lisa Marie Ives gives her best tips for alternative therapies and supplements to help during breast cancer treatment.

Lisa Marie Ives is 42 from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She’s a SAHM to one 3 year old boy. She enjoys being his mom and her version of pre home schooling. She loves fine dining and wine but no longer a connoisseur. She gets lucky with her own madness infrequently in the kitchen and any bottle under $8 does just fine. NAME Lisa Marie Ives HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE YOU WERE DIAGNOSED? Diagnosed 10 months ago (1 month after my birthday…gonna {Read More}

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Hot Mama: Dyanne Dillon


Dyanne Dillon says she feels like an eleven year old living in a 50-something body. She is a wife, mom, Pre-K teacher and a self-proclaimed Pollyanna. She blogs about her breast cancer experience and life thereafter at I Want Backsies, a name inspired by the children’s book A Bargain for Frances by Russell Hoban. NAME Dyanne Dillon Read Dyanne’s 2013 submission here. GIVE US AN UPDATE ON YOUR HEALTH I had a bone density scan in May of this year after two years of {Read More}

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Anything Is Possible: Mina Greenfield

Breast cancer survivor, Mina Greenfield, shares her best tips and advice for keeping your lashes and brows during chemotherapy.

Mina was still in the thick of treatment last year when she shared her breast cancer experience. I’ll never forgot the quote we used for her post. It was “Entertain the maybes” and I believe that philosophy should be applied to everyone’s life – cancer or not. Read on for the advice she’s sharing this year. NAME Mina Greenfield Read Mina’s 2013 submission here. GIVE US AN UPDATE ON YOUR HEALTH I completed chemo in November of 2013. I had a month “off” (I {Read More}

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Model of Courage: Tracie Benjamin


Tracie made a splash all over the internet and national TV last year after her boyfriend proposed on live television from the Susan G. Komen walk in Portland, Oregon. That video clip went viral and she and Ryan appeared on Portland’s local news, the front page of Yahoo! and The Rachel Ray Show. She updates us on her health and what project she’s been working on. NAME Tracie Benjamin Read Tracie’s 2013 submission here. GIVE US AN UPDATE ON YOUR HEALTH I am {Read More}

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Juggling It All: Judy Schwartz Haley


Judy is a writer and photographer, and she shares stories of parenting, living with cancer, and embracing every moment of life on her blog, CoffeeJitters.Net. She lives in Seattle with her husband and 5-year-old daughter, whom they just launched into the amazing world that is Kindergarten. NAME Judy Schwartz Haley HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE YOU WERE DIAGNOSED? Diagnosed 3/10/2010 ER/PR-, HER2+, with Paget Disease of the breast Stage 3  HOW DID YOU FIND OUT? I was having trouble {Read More}

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