Listen To Your Mother Comes to Orange County

I didn’t audition for Listen To Your Mother because I was afraid. I wasn’t brave enough to open my notebook and share a story about motherhood. The whole project would have been way out of my comfort zone. Yet, a small part of me wants to push those limits. A small part of me yearns to hear my voice, my words fill an auditorium. To hear the laughter and applause. To feel that my story matters. Maybe next year.

Listen To Your Mother comes to Orange County on Sunday, April 27th. The production is directed, produced and performed by local communities across the nation in celebration of Mother’s Day. It’s certain to be a wonderful afternoon of live readings from local writers on the beauty, the beast and the barely-rested nature of motherhood. Bring your tissues.

LTYM logo-2What I love is the LTYM mission: to support parents and communities in both creative and tangible ways. The benefits of LTYM reach beyond the audience and cast, with a portion of the proceeds from all productions going to a national charitable cause and local community charitable causes supporting mothers and families. The producers of LTYM The OC have chosen WISEPlace – A Community of Housing and Hope for Women – to receive 10% of ticket proceeds.

Listen To Your Mother

Live at the Ebell Theater in Santa Ana

4:00 PM April 27, 2014

625 French Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Ebell exterior

Tickets are $20 each. Grab one now before the show sells out! Click TICKETS to get yours today. Bring your mama, your sister, your daughter, your friend. It’s destined to be an amazing day full of love and laughter and maybe a few tears.

Listen To Your Mother will be in 32 cities across the nation. Click here to see if there is a show in your city.

Sending much love to all the wonderful writers performing in this year’s LTYM shows. A special shout to my beautiful friend Anna Hartman from In The Next 30 Days who will close the Charleston, South Carolina show.

Weekly Chatter: Mending Fences


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Weekly Chatter: Spring Break


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What To Do When You Have 35 Bottles of Nail Polish


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I’m Co-Hosting Girls’ Lunch Out Orange County


I was introduced to Mirassou Winery last Spring while attending a conference in Arizona. A handful of us were treated to a lovely food and wine pairing hosted by owner, David Mirassou. We learned about the six generations of Mirassou wine making in between bites of triple chocolate cake and sips of Cabernet  Sauvignon. It was heavenly. While Chardonnay is usually my jam, I fell in love with the Mirassou Sunset Red that night in the desert. Sunset Red is a new {Read More}

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Hanging Mason Jar Planters | Adventures in Pinterest


Last month, my husband and I headed north to Los Angeles to see the Book of Mormon. We caught a pre-show dinner at Stella Barra Pizzeria on Sunset Blvd. where we shared some amazing pizza, got a glimpse of Kelly Taylor’s dad, and spied some adorable mason jar planters. In between bites of my butternut squash pizza, I declared, “That’s what I’m making for my next Adventures in Pinterest!” I hit Pinterest and apparently everyone loves a mason jar planter. {Read More}

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Project Tank Top


I am in Project Tank Top mode. During the last five years, my shirt sleeves have gotten longer and my shorts even longer. Last year, I spent a majority of the dog days of summer wearing 3/4 length sleeves. Not really a great option when it’s 90 degrees out. Enough is enough! I used to live and die by the tank top. It was a wardrobe staple. Dog park? Tank top. Football game? Tank top. Concert in the park? Tank {Read More}

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The Easy Cancer


I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and came across an update from a friend who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her update is irrelevant for the sake of this blog post but it was something related to her impending treatment. What really got me was one of the replies. It read: “Hope yours is the easy one.” When I read this, I whipped out my iPhone and furiously typed out “MUST DEBUNK MYTH THAT THERE IS AN EASY {Read More}

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I Might As Well Be Using A Glue Stick


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Behind the Scenes: Parenthood


Earlier this week, I spent my morning on the set of the TV show Parenthood. Here’s the quick back story of how it all happened: During season 4 of Parenthood, Kristina was diagnosed with breast cancer. I wrote a few blog posts about how I felt the show dealt with the storyline. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when a blogging friend tells me she met Parenthood’s Executive Producer, Jason Katims, at the recent Dad 2.0 conference. She casually {Read More}

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