Weekly Chatter: Spring Break

It was spring break around these parts last week.

Last year, we went to Maui and I can’t help but feel a little bit melancholy about it. Ten days in the Hawaiian sun with family and friends? Heavenly. This spring break was totally different. My husband was traveling for work so my daughter and I stayed local and filled our days with nothing that resembled a mai tai or luau.

I picked up the flu right before the weekend. I am convinced it’s my stress level that caused it. Or, maybe, the hour I spend in a classroom of kindergartners. Either way, the early Saturday morning soccer game was brutal and I was in charge of snack. I long for yesteryear when Hostess Ding Dongs were an acceptable after game snack. Kids now get goodie bags filled with an array of prepackaged snack bites, a toy, a candy and a drink all wrapped up in their team colors. Oh, I’m JUST as guilty – don’t get me wrong. I just wish we could take it down a few notches.


Monday and Tuesday were filled with playdates, planning and talking Bossy. Remember my stress levels? We’re weeks out from the blogging networking event I’m co-hosting and our speaker has backed out. It was with good reason why she had to bail, but it has put Megan and I in a rock and a hard place in finding another speaker. We nabbed some great door prizes and swag though. At least we have that on our side right now.


Amid barking dogs and asphalt trucks repaving our street, I somehow managed to keep things cool and collected on an episode of Bonbon Break Live. My cohorts and I talked about This is Bossy and what our motivation was in taking on Sheryl Sandberg. That sounds super dramatic, doesn’t it? You can catch a reply of the episode below.

I really had to step up the fun factor for the little one. We’ve promised to take her to the Discovery Science Center since January when the Animal Grossology exhibit debuted. I’m glad to encourage her interest in all things science – even if it’s dog poop and cow stomach. The exhibit sadly disappointed but there are so many other things she loves doing there. Their popular Bubblefest is also currently running so she had fun with that, too. I melted in the 90° weather. We missed winter here in So Cal and it looks like the same thing is happening with spring.


Hurricane Simulator

Even fifteen hours ahead of us, my husband and I have been able to Face Time. We’ve seen photos from a panda sanctuary, views from a hotel room on the 77th floor and a selfie from the Great Wall. We miss him. Hopefully next week, I can share some photos with you from his trip.

We weren’t climbing the Great Wall but instead the 73 toll road, when I saw the big orange balloon in the distance. Another adventure we have been promising to do. Seemed like the perfect afternoon – minus the June gloom that had been hanging around all morning. Ten bucks later we were 400 feet above Orange County. My girl was a champ. I dropped to my knees and tried not to toss my cookies. It was windy up there, yo. It was also pretty amazing. Maybe next time we’ll be able to see the ocean.



Friday was full of good intention but Monday looms as well as our regularly scheduled lives so I decided Friday was perfect for Aussie pie, $4 doughnuts and the book store. I’m hopelessly in love with the 17th Street Promenade shopping center. The parking stinks but there are some fab clothing and home stores. Not to mention, Pie-Not, Sidecar Doughnuts, Nothing Bundt Cake, Shirley’s Bagels and Starbucks.

We stopped in for donuts: Madagascar Vanilla Twist, Huckleberry, Chocolate Pearl and Carrot Cake. Let’s not forget a cup of Stumptown Coffee, too. The heavenly aroma of pie crust drew me into Pie-Not. It was almost lunch, so at the suggestion of the counter guy, I opted for the Dog’s Eye. It’s their classic meat pie which reminded me a lot of a sloppy Joe. The donuts were saved for that evening’s dessert.

Before home, we made a quick stop at Barnes and Noble for a couple of new books. My girl grabbed yet another Frozen book and I picked up Jennie Garth’s memoir. Love me some 90210 – hoping there is a little behind-the-scenes gossip amongst the details of her divorce. I also rearranged a few books so that my blogging friends – Karen Alpert and Robin O’Bryant – get a little more exposure, like they need it!


So, that was our week. I’m going to test-run this kind of weekly recap each Sunday for the next couple of weeks. I’ve got a lot of chatter on the brain that doesn’t necessarily work in those one-off blog posts. If you tell me you hate it, I’ll stop. If you like it, leave a comment and let me know.

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