Project Mc2 #SmartIsTheNewCool

My daughter likes many things but has a real interest in science. I admire her curiosity for the subject and try to encourage her to explore her passions (remind me I said that when I’m helping with her science project over the holiday break!).

When I saw Netflix was releasing a live action miniseries called Project Mc2 I knew it would be right up her alley. Project Mc2 is about four teenage girls who are recruited into a spy program called NOV8. Their assignment is to help protect a celebrity prince and find the threat that might jeopardize his space shuttle mission. They use a mix of reasoning, chemistry and hokey gadgets to help solve problems.

What I loved about Project Mc2: I really appreciate that each girl had their own individuality but were all equally smart, pretty and quirky. The characters didn’t fall into stereotypes (the smart one, the dumb blonde, the mean girl, etc.).

What I didn’t love about Project Mc2: Girl(s) save boy. It feels too easy. I would instead like to see these characters try to solve larger global issues plus tackle everyday problems kids and tweens often face at school or in life.

Thanks to Netflix for sending us some super fun science experiments and for allowing me to be part of their #StreamTeam this year! Check out my Pinterest board where I’ve pinned similar science experiments for your kids to do.





If your kids enjoy science and adventure and fun, definitely check out Project Mc2 because #SmartIsTheNewCool.

Mt. Hood Roasted Tomatoes

Two summers ago we visited Mt. Hood, Oregon and I'm still dreaming about this roasted tomato jam. See the recipe!

Earlier this month we were in Oregon visiting family. It has become one of my favorite places to visit and we try to go at least once a year. There is so much to see and do. This year we stayed on the coast for a few days followed by a few more days right outside of Portland. I’ll share more in the coming weeks. Megan just so happened to be in Oregon the same time we were so naturally {Read More}

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Did You See the Bacon Soda Taste Test Video?


Happy Monday! In case you missed it, last week over on Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy, we published a solid week of taste test videos plus a bloopers reel. We have no idea how one random taste test video morphed into a week-long series. Honestly, we flip back and forth about continuing to make these kinds of videos but then we get emails and tweets from viewers who beg us to try the new limited edition whatever. And {Read More}

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Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels


If you would have asked me two years ago what I watched on YouTube I would have told you that I didn’t watch YouTube at all. Why would I want to watch cute cat videos or kids playing video games? It wasn’t until I wrote this post about makeup that I learned about haul videos and beauty tutorials. Megan and I just published our 100th video last week over on Long Story Short and we love what we do. We have {Read More}

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I Went to VidCon and All I Got Was A Lousy T-Shirt

VidCon2015 review

Megan and I attended VidCon 2015 last week in Anaheim, CA. It was a no-brainer that we should go since the conference exists for YouTube creators and fans. Plus, we are local so we could both attend without committing to major travel. But, I went to VidCon and all I got was a t-shirt. It pains me to write that I didn’t really enjoy the conference because there were definitely moments of fun and laughter and making new friends. But, our intent {Read More}

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Tig Notaro Documentary on Netflix

Tig Notaro documentary

I had stumbled across a fantastic documentary just days after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was like divine intervention. Something had willed me to sit on my couch that morning and mindlessly scroll deep into the channel guide. The documentary followed a young woman through surgery and treatment and it totally and completely altered my perception of what I had anticipated for myself. I was and am still so thankful for that documentary because it left me hopeful. I {Read More}

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What Up, Wednesday?


I like blogging prompts and easy ones at that. Thanks to Megan for sharing the What’s Up Wednesday meme. Check out what we’ve got going on this week and what we’re looking forward to in the coming month. 1. What We’re Eating this Week 2. What I’m Reminiscing About 3. What I’m Loving 4. What We’ve Been Up To 5. What I’m Dreading Nothing, really. Maybe summer ending because I really enjoy lazy mornings and being schedule free. 6. What I’m Working {Read More}

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The Cure for the Afternoon Summer Slump

watermelon pizza

A few years ago, I had a friend declare that her household was going screen-free for the summer. My reaction was one of horror. There is just absolutely no way our family would make it through three months of summer days without a little TV down time. Admittedly, we make it most of the morning and early afternoon without the television on. I have my favorite weekly podcasts and YouTube channels I like to listen to or watch as we putter {Read More}

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Peek Inside What’s #NewAtTheCube


In 1998 I worked in Santa Ana where on one cloudy morning the company’s CFO suggested we take a walking field trip to a museum ground breaking event happening near our office. We were up for anything that wasn’t work so we went. However, our walk was immediately cut short as soon as we crossed over the parking lot lines. VPOTUS Al Gore was the speaker at the event and the area had been secured by secret service and sharp shooters. Back to {Read More}

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Netflix ReBoots I’d Like to See


Did you hear that a Full House reboot is coming to Netflix in 2016? John Stamos announced in April that the show will return with most of the original cast and also tweeted two days ago that Bob Saget will also be back as Danny Tanner. Missing are the Olsen twins. Is anyone surprised? It had me wondering if Mary-Kate and Ashley are necessary for a Full House reboot. A reunion? Maybe. But definitely not a reboot. It could easily {Read More}

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