Swap Your Soap: method

For weeks now, my daughter’s first grade class has been practicing songs for an Earth Day concert. She’s been learning the lyrics about ozone depletion and why styrofoam products are bad.  As a parent, the exciting part of the whole experience has been her genuine interest in what we can do as a family to reduce our environmental footprint.

There’s sure been a whole lot of finger wagging, too. Especially when the water faucet runs long or if the recyclables aren’t in their proper bin. She gave some serious side eyes when I used an aerosol hairspray the other morning, saying, “Mom! CFCs come from cans like that!”

I’ve got a serious environmentalist on my hands. We’ll be driving an electric car before long.

We're moving toward swapping out conventional products to environmentally friendly products. We love method. Read why their laundry soap is the best.

Eliminating household products in favor of more environmentally friendly ones seems like a huge undertaking. I think, mostly because, we have our favorites or we doubt the effectiveness of a natural product. Or, we pick up what’s on sale or what our budget allows.

My friend Miya gave me some great advice a while back. She said to start by replacing one product at a time and start with the one you use the most often. For us, that was laundry detergent. How a family of three generates so much dirty laundry is beyond me! Since taking Miya’s advice, we’ve been able to swap out laundry, dish and hand soap.

So what are we using?

My skin is extremely sensitive to perfumes. For this reason, we choose method 4x concentrated laundry detergent in the free + clear fragrance — which really isn’t a fragrance at all but it keeps my skin from breaking out in hives.

We're moving toward swapping out conventional products to environmentally friendly products. We love method. Read why their laundry soap is the best.

If the free + clear bores you, method offers a wide range of fragrances including beach sage, fresh clover, ginger mango and spring garden. I’m secretly coveting fresh clover.

What else I love about method is that their formulas are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and their bottles are 100% recyclable.  The 4x concentrated bottle is clear so you can actually see your product and it doesn’t have a handle which makes it easier to recycle. I love that there is that much thought and consideration made in its design!

I’m sure my daughter will make sure the empty bottle makes it way to the correct bin.

We're moving toward swapping out conventional products to environmentally friendly products. We love method. Read why their laundry soap is the best.

Consider swapping out your current laundry detergent for method. Use the coupon code THREEFORME for $3 off your online purchase on the method website. Also check out the exclusive collaboration between method and ASOS. They’ve curated a collection of fashion forward, effortless style perfect for the summer season.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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