In Defense of Lipo | BeautyLand Event!

I have been bothered by a protruding hump at the base of the back of my neck for some time now. I first noticed it when we received the photos from our wedding in 2001. I chalked it up to a lifetime of bad posture and vowed to put my shoulders back more often.

wedding photo

I started to realize that the hump was the reason necklaces wouldn’t lay properly and bathing suit strings that tied around my neck would feel incredibly uncomfortable.

I started working with a chiropractor to help realign my spine and hopefully reduce the growing size of the hump. He explained that it is caused by the misalignment of the head which then puts stress on the spine. The body produces extra tissue to protect that area of the spine and what results is a condition known as Upper Thoracic Hump.

He also informed me that it’s a prime area for fat accumulation. As successful as we’ve been at realigning my head and spine, I won’t ever be able to spot reduce the fat in that area. He said that a lot of patients will undergo minor liposuction to achieve the clean angles of the spine.

I’ve certainly reached the season of my life where Botox, fillers and laser treatments have become increasingly more intriguing. Yes, the fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes bug me and the sun spots on my arms and chest look darker everyday. But, I am most bothered by that damn hump. I feel like that is the one thing that ages me, but moreover, it makes me feel incredibly self-conscious.

I remember the day the picture below was taken. I asked the photographer to stand at a different angle because I didn’t want too much of my hump showing.

Wendy-26-683x1024 cropped

The thought of liposuction feels scary. If I’m being honest, so does Botox and fillers and lasers. But, I also want to love what I see when I look in the mirror – or in photographs.

CosmetiCare’s BeautyLand event on May 7th might be the perfect time for me (and you!) to learn more about these kinds of preventative beauty procedures.

Orange County’s leading medspa is hosting an open house in Corona del Mar on Thursday, May 7th from 2pm- 5pm. Attendees will learn about the options available to them to get in front of the aging process. During this free and intimate experience, guests will have an opportunity to hear more about CosmetiCare’s instant aesthetic technology, fat melting TruSculpt, laser hair removal, techniques to freeze frown lines, consult with Dr. Niccole and his partners and learn about financing options.

All this while indulging in complimentary champagne and hor d’oeuvres. Plus, attendees will have a chance to win products and services valued at $600 and an opportunity to win a prize package worth $2000.

The BeautyLand event is extremely limited and a RSVP is required. Email or call 949.273.2663 to reserve your spot.


You can enter to win a $500 gift certificate to CosmetiCare before the May 7th BeautyLand event. The beauty of youthful, ageless skin is not only possible, it can be yours! Enter to win using the entry form below.

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This post is sponsored. All products, samples, giveaways, services or other materials have been provided by Reveille on behalf of their client. All opinions are my own.

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