We Definitely Got Our Fair Share

It’s here! One weekend it’s the swap meet and the next it’s a parking lot turned carnival! The Orange County Fair is in town and we always make a point to go — even if it’s just for our annual photo strip from the photo booth. Somehow we always manage to stop for bratwursts and the deep fried summer du jour.


This time around the fair has made a mint off our family. It’s the first year we ever had to play games and ride rides with a toddler in tow. And the girl wants one of those cheap stuffed animals like it’s no body’s business. We dropped no less than fifty-bucks in ten minutes flat on what my FIL calls “rigged” games and a roller coaster ride that left my poor husband with a pinched nerve in his lower back.

I personally like to go for the arts and crafts exhibits. My favorite is the competition exhibits, especially the “table-scapes.” The best ones this year were a themed “Wizard of Oz” table for kids and a “Welcome Home” military heroes table. I secretly want to enter next year! I’ve got an idea brewing already.


This year the exhibits showcased a ton of recycled and sustainable themed displays, too. Put any kind of flowers, vegetable plants, or herbs in a wooden wine box or piano, for that matter, and you’ve sold this girl. Swoon.

I also adore seeing the farm animals. Stinky, yes, but so sweet and cute. However, I could have gone without seeing a sign that read “raised for meat” above the pigs. I mean, I know that pulled pork sandwich I bought and ate two aisles over from the barn is from a pig, but ignorance is bliss, right?

Baby chicks, baby cows, baby sheep, baby pigs – oh my!

I thought the same thing while visiting the cows, turkeys, and pigs in the market section of the fair. It really all just bummed me out and I’m actually considering attempting vegetarianism again.

The fair is in town until mid-August and we’re already two visits in with one more planned this week. Does a fair come to your town? What’s your favorite thing about it?

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