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“It’s a death row pardon, two minutes to late” – all right, I’m not trying to be that dramatic but yesterday I left you with our decision to let our county animal control take possession of the dog we saved from the streets of South Central earlier this week. This situation as it stood Monday night really sucked. An adorable and injured dog was on its way to being put down and studied for rabies and a husband with a couple of puncture bite wounds to the face. Our good Samaritan act had turned into a real cluster-fuck.

Tuesday morning, I drove over to the vet’s office not really knowing why I was going there. I had spent the evening researching rabies in Orange and L.A. counties and had found that there hasn’t been a human case in almost twenty-years. I truly believed that a rabies infection wasn’t going to be an issue here and I wanted to express to the vet – who would talk to animal control – that our wishes were not to have the dog euthanized but instead quarantined, if they found the dog to be in a healthy state (i.e. not exhibiting any symptoms of the disease).

HOT DOG! I pulled into the driveway of the vet’s office and the animal control officer was there. I thought I could plead my case with him and he’d throw mercy on this adorable pup and our gallant efforts. One of the vet techs took me to a back room and let me in on the conversation she heard between the officer and the vet. She told me the vet had offered to quarantine the dog at the hospital instead of housing him at the local shelter – as long as I would take financial responsibility.

When Mr. Animal Control officer met with me – in the snarkiest tone ever – says “So, you decided to rescue a stray dog from the streets of Los Angeles.” Well, yes dick head, we did. He treated me like a dog napping criminal. He basically told me that we had “technically stolen someone’s dog and illegally taken it across county lines” and that we could potentially be in legal trouble for our good deeds. But, dude, come on. That dog would have been road kill in a matter of two hours if we didn’t get him. Also, since the dog was found in L.A. county he “technically” belongs there so he might not have any choice other than to transport the dog to a L.A. county shelter. Here was the saving grace though: since we had offered to take financial responsibility for the animal (quarantine charges, medical assistance, vaccinations and our intention of either keeping the dog or finding a replacement “forever” home) he was going to make an exception to these rules and offenses. In other words: Orange and L.A. counties are happy to look the other way if someone else takes financial responsibility for a stray animal.

The officer’s parting words were “Well, I’m glad it worked out for the dog” and “be sure to get him licensed.” Hey jerk, I’m not the one who let the dog get loose in the first place. I’m a law-abiding, responsible pet owner, so bite me {no pun intended there!}.

Cue the Sarah McLachlan music…

Adopt this adorable Beagle mixed breed!

How adorable is this little Beagle mix pup who still remains unnamed? He has to stay quarantined until February 2nd but he’s safe, dry, and staying fed. The extent of his injuries are still undetermined because he really can’t be handled but our vet says that keeping him contained and calm will give him the rest he needs. I spoke with Dr. Simon today who told me the dog is very mellow, isn’t at all aggressive, and isn’t showing any symptoms of rabies.

First – do you know ANYONE who would love to adopt this guy? And second – what do you think we should call him because he can’t go without a name?

And now we wait to take this boy home.


  1. Marshall Eriksen.

  2. You should send this to @askjillian on Good Day LA, she’s a total animal lover, and this story is right up her alley, she will get a home found for him, quickly.

  3. You should contact those rescue orgs if you’re not going to adopt that little sweetie. They can get him into a foster sitch and hopefully get him adopted. You guys did good!!

  4. He is adorable! I’m sorry your hubby got bit, the little guy was probably so scared. Thanks for giving him a new chance at life! Adopting dogs is the way to go! I’d take him, but we have a house full with our two adopted pups. 🙂

  5. What a cute pup! I think you should keep him if you can especially after all the money, time and effort you have gone too already. Also, Clancy would love to have a buddy around to romp in the yard with.
    I like Rescue or Norman he kinda look like a Norman. Good job I am so happy it all worked out in the end.

  6. Oh, it worked out! I’m so, so very glad!

  7. Oh! he is adorable. I want him!!! Maybe I better check with the hubs first.

  8. Heather I think a sweet beagle would be perfect for your clan. I’ll be there to give you any help with the breed.


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