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I wanted to say thanks to my loyal readers (all three of you) and my new Army of Women followers. I’ve been busy the last week and neglected Wendy Will Blog a little bit. So, I just wanted to recap where my writing has been featured at and hope that you’ll pop on in at MomsLA, DailyBuzz Healthy Living, and The Trend Tribe to see what I had to say. Next week, I’ll be back to posting regularly. I have a couple ideas up my sleeve including a vlog to support the Army of Women, a Starbucks tutorial for home, and a post on “scanxiety.”

My first post for MomsLA was published on Tuesday. MomsLA is a community of Los Angeles and Orange County writers who provide fascinating insight from politics to parenting to food to fashion. And there is never a loss for topics! I’m really proud to write for MomsLA. I’m writing amongst a group of really fabulous and respected writers – you’ve heard of Jessica Gottlieb, right? But before you go off and Google her, you’ll definitely want to read on my post “Chevy Metal Breathes New Life into this Mom” and about my late night outing to the far and away Woodland Hills pizzeria where I got to see the band Chevy Metal play live. If you’re a Foo Fighters fan – like moi – you’ll definitely want to read it!

some cards always make me laugh

Also on Tuesday, a post I’d originally written here titled “Proceed with Intent” was a featured piece at DailyBuzz Healthy Living! DailyBuzz showcases unique and powerful voices from the independent web. What that means is that DailyBuzz sources content not owned and operated by large media companies. Their writers are independent bloggers – like me – who are passionate about sharing fresh ideas and stories. Again, I’m so thrilled to have had many of my posts featured at DailyBuzz Healthy Living. It is truly one of my very own “go-to” sites whenever I’m looking for recipes, exercise, or balance. Love it and you will too!

And finally, on Friday at The Trend Tribe, I confessed my love and addiction to the television with “IRL | Confessions of a TV Junkie!” Who knew a topic about watching TV would generate so many comments! If you haven’t been over to see what’s happening at The Trend Tribe you definitely should! I love being a part of a group of editors that collaborate on the things we love most in this world, fashion, music, home decor, entertainment, food and health. Go poke around The Trend Tribe and see what’s happening over there but don’t forget to stop in on my TV Junkie read and tell me what your favorite “go-to” TV show is!

Now go read my posts and then head out and enjoy an extra hour of sunlight! By the way, did you move your clocks forward? Yep, that was last night. See you around the blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!


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