Thank You to Our Sponsors!

It feels bittersweet to see the #iwillrockthis weight loss challenge come to a close but I’m sure there are a few who are happy to see the end in their near future.  It’s been awesome to be involved with a group of supportive women.  A day didn’t pass where we weren’t sharing ideas for meals or encouraging each other after a hard weekend.  I think we’ve created a pretty good bond.  All 33 women rocked it!

I want to highlight two more awesome sponsors of the challenge before we wrap up this weekend.  I’m really excited to introduce my readers to Eyedews and to Lynn O’Donnell for Jockey Person to Person®.


Have you heard of Eyedews?  They are phenomenal and super indulgent!  Gentle and natural, Eyedews is an all-in-one single-step regimen that effectively corrects all that plagues your delicate under-eye skin. Eyedews are nutrient rich jelly pads of Natural Marine Collagen Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Chitosan and Vitamins C & E to combat free radical imbalance, sun damage, discoloration, dry skin and wrinkles in the troubled skin under your eyes. This single use under eye treatment will soothe and smooth your beauty woes, and relax and return you to a more energized, youthful state.

I first got my hands on a pair of Eyedews last summer right before a huge blogging convention.  I even did a vlog review about them!  Many thanks to Surferwife for getting these lifesavers in my hands!  Eyedews graciously provided one 3-pack of Eyedews under eye treatments for the winner and two runner-ups contestants!

Next up is Lynn O’Donnell – Independent Comfort Specialist for Jockey Person to Person® – a company created in order to provide women with a great career opportunity that doesn’t come at the expense of their personal lives. The spring/summer Jockey Person to Person catalogue showcases a collection inspired by the glamourous 1940’s Palm Beach. Everything from sweaters, dresses, tanks, blazers, tees, pants, and accessories. My favorite thing is the “Look for Less” feature which mixes and matches 22 looks with 10 pieces from the collection (at $32.00 per look)! This is the kind of information I desperately need!

Lynn has given our first runner-up a generous $50 Jockey Person to Person® gift certificate! She is also looking for “real sized women” to join her as a Comfort Specialist in Orange County! If you’re interested in making a purchase, hosting a party, or becoming a Specialist please email Lynn at or call her at (310) 344-9236!

Again, many thanks to the awesome businesses and brands who helped me put together a fabulous prize package not only for our grand prize winner but for the first two runner-up participants too!  I encourage you to support these generous sponsors!

Nicole Longstreath – The Wardrobe Code
Tera Rae Stephens
Robin Sarner – Independent Sales Consultant for Stella & Dot
Marina Auto Body
J.R. Watkins Naturals
Lynn O’Donnell – Independent Comfort Specialist for Jockey Person to Person®


  1. OMG. Whomever has those feet needs to share how they do their pedicure! 😉

    • I will say that I have maybe seen too many feet over the last eight weeks. Is it scary that I can totally recognize yours without knowing it’s you! Or, er…whomever that person is in that picture!

  2. Thanks to the sponsors! While I haven’t done great in the challenge – the prizes someone will win are amazing!!!

  3. It was a super fun group to be a part of. I really need a do-over tho. Can we prep for Jan 1? I think we need to start 7/1 and get a head start on our New Year’s resolutions!

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