My Face at BlogHer 2012

BlogHer 2012 is just days away and I’ve decided to join the “Faces of BlogHer” blog hop inspired by Suzanne at Bebehblog.

This is the photo that I choose to share on my blog and on Facebook.  You know, all profesh and stuff.  Someone just said to me though “Oh my God!  You look just like your avi!”  I suppose, but I thought I’d post a few real life photos.  So, if you see me…come say hello!  For real.


My poor roommates will be privy to this ray of morning sunshine.


Showered, a little bit of make up, and a smile.  This is pretty damn close to what you’ll see wandering the expo hall.


And when I recognize you!  Be warned…I hug.  Please let me know if you are not a hugger!!  Notice my hair?  It will undoubtedly drive me nuts and the bangs usually get clipped back when that happens.


My eyes are super sensitive.  Plus, I’m from California and will be fighting some serious jet lag.  So,  if you see me anytime outside the Hilton, I will be wearing my huge sunglasses.


I’ll most likely be behind a glass of chardonnay at any given party.


With enough of it, I’ll hit the dance floor with these signature moves.


This is usually when I get into some trouble.  SHOTS!


And it starts all over again the next morning.


Please drink responsibly!

This is part of a Blog Hop so join in if you plan to be at BlogHer next week!



  1. There are perfect, and exactly why I love this linky. I really REALLY hope to see shots-face Wendy, right next to shots-face Suzanne 🙂 And I am definitely a hugger.

  2. Oh my gosh you are too cute!

  3. I love your faces. And let’s get into trouble with shots faces.

  4. Im definitely hugging you since I know you’re now afraid to hug me.

  5. Oh, shots. Those will always get you into trouble! Can’t wait to see you!

  6. hi! thanks for checking out my blog 🙂
    I think you’re as cute as your blog {pretty darn awesome}. Can’t wait to meet you this week!

  7. Love the big sunglasses! Excited to see you in person this week! WAHOO!!!

  8. Great post and good advice 😉

    Hope to meet you at BlogHer!

  9. I am a hugger, so hug away. 🙂

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