Let’s Get Physical | 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Are you ready for another 8 week weight loss challenge?

In the spring, I hosted the “I Will Rock This” weight loss challenge where for 8 weeks, 33 women competed, to lose the biggest percentage of weight.  Our grand prize winner lost over 40 lbs. and walked away with over $650 in cash and a boat load of prizes from some very generous sponsors!  It was fun and the group – instead of being ultra-competitive – were super supportive of each other.

I lost a total of like 2 lbs.  Serious fail.

I’ll compete again this time around but I’ve recruited a friend to moderate.  She’ll be in charge of logging the weekly weigh-ins and posting the results.  She’s not competing this time around because she lost something like 35 lbs. in the last challenge and has kept it off!  I kind of hate her.

8 week weight loss challenge

On Tuesday, September 4th, I’m kicking off the LET’S GET PHYSICAL weight loss challenge!  The competition will run for 8 weeks from September 4th through October 30th.  Participants will be required to do the following:

  • Pay a $25 entry fee (100% of all entry fees will be used as the cash prize) .
  • Submit photographic evidence of a weekly weigh-in (privacy is of the most importance and weigh-ins will not be shared).
  • Work their butt off by the way of healthy dieting measures and/or exercise (the choice of diet and/or exercise is up to each individual).

I am no longer accepting sign ups for this session.  If you’re interested in a possible future challenge, please leave me a comment and I’ll add you to an interest list!

I am so ready for this challenge.  After a summer of #icecreammonday, several trips to the county fair, snacking all day in Palm Desert, pizza and cannolis in New York City during BlogHer’12 and my looming 20th high school reunion – this girl is ready to kick it into high gear.

Who’s with me?



  1. GOD I can’t wait to do this with you guys. Can you do another one in the beginning of the year? I’ll totally be down.
    I’m trying now not to gain an ungodly amount of weight with this pregnancy. I was doing SO WELL… until we hit vacation and I ate everything in sight for about a week. This = more weight gained in one week than I have in the past month. Ouch. I think for now I’m just all about the fruits and veggies, along with getting my ass back to the gym… hopefully it will all even out again because I do NOT want to have to lose the 35 pounds I gained the last time.

  2. Yay!

  3. I am so ready and so excited, a broken record in my life…but that’s IT! I am so looking forward to this, being in such a supportive environment. So grateful for your time in putting this together. 😉

  4. I’m doing it again!! I am almost back to my starting weight… about 3 pounds away. I did really well in the beginning but blew it. I can’t wait to get started, the motivation from the team REALLY helps . You’re the best, Wendy!!!

  5. 🙂

  6. Okay, so I am scared (especially of submitting pictures) but I need this totally. I need to take off about 40 lbs and need some kick-butt motivation.

    • Sarah! Don’t be scared about submitting photos. There is no judgement here. We’re all in the same boat, we’re all trying to be healthy, we’re all trying to lose weight. I promise you, the only person who sees your photo (which basically is your toes on the scale) is the person logging the weigh-ins. It’s up to you if you want to share it within our super secret FB group. Lots of people shared last time and lots of people didn’t.
      I’m super stoked you signed up!!

  7. This is a neat idea!! I’ll have to mull it over today, and get back to you!! I’m a blogger trying to get healthy, so it could be a great idea!!

    • I encourage you to do it Rebecca! You won’t regret it, I swear! Last time we had the most supportive group of women – many of whom are doing it again this time around. Mull it over but don’t wait to long because I do cap the group off and spots are filling up! 🙂 Email if you have any questions – wendy@wendy-nielsen.com

  8. Oh, I am SO in! I love this idea. Thank you for hosting something that I think many of us need to get our butts in gear. Or maybe it’s just me, but either way, HECK YES!

  9. I’m so in again Wendy! I will be better than 17th place this time (I hope). My iron is up, the mass out of my leg and I’m ready to go! When should I pay you??? Thanks for doing another challenge!

    • Yay Kat! I’m happy you want to join again!! I’ll add you to a new FB group and we’ll talk payment there!

  10. I am in!

  11. I’m totally in!

  12. Amazing! I would love to do this..the last 3 photoshoots I was on have served PIZZA for our meals..ugh bloated and gaining weight as I think about it!

    • Ahh!! I knew I had seen a message from you somewhere! Sign up girl – I’d love to have you as a participant!!

  13. Well, I’m in; but I’m not making the same mistake as last round–I lost 5 pounds before the contest started, and then struggled the rest of the time to keep that and the other 5 I lost off!

  14. I am so in! I loved it the last time…. it was great all the friendship & support! I don’t expect to lose a lot of the weigh but being part of a group is great motivation & support for at least maintaining what I have lost already!

  15. I’m in again too! I sucked last time as well and really need to shed the last of this baby weight – the kid will be one Sept. 2nd!

  16. I am in this time. I lost some weight last fall and have kept off about half of what I lost. I want to get rid of this last 15 lbs. for good!

  17. Rhonda Cionek says:

    I’m interested also! How do I go about entering?

  18. OK, I’m in too. I’m supposed to be running a 10k at the end of October but got scared and backed out. At least this will keep me on track with my commitment to at LEAST finish a 5k this fall! I did pretty well with programs that require weigh-ins in the past, so now I’m getting excited about this challenge!

    • I’m so happy you’re joining!
      I am not a runner – but there are several who are within the group! I’m sure it will get you motivated!

  19. I am interested in joining a challenge. Can you put me on a waiting list? Thanks

    • Hi Jan!
      I will definitely add you to the waiting list. If we have any openings come available before the start date, I’ll he happy to add you. Otherwise, I have a tentative plan to host another come January 2013. Definitely follow along!

  20. Just curious when the next 8 week challenge is???


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