Countdown to Let’s Get Physical

lets get physical weight loss challengeIn just a matter of days, I’m kicking off another weight loss challenge here on the blog!  40+ women – from around the blogosphere, Facebook, and Twitter – have joined in.  We’re competing for a cash prize, a few prizes, and bragging rights.  The challenge starts on September 4th and ends on October 30th (How’s that for timing? The challenge ends the day before the kids bring home tons of Halloween candy!)

This time around we’re calling the challenge “Let’s Get Physical!”  I handed over the administrative duties to a friend who did exceptionally well in the last challenge.  She lost 30 lbs. in 8 weeks and has kept it off.  So, not only have I recruited her to record and rank the weekly weigh-ins but I told her she has to be my workout buddy and personal butt kicker.

I did miserably in the last challenge.  Like, a loss of 2 lbs. which has come back tenfold.  Well, not really, but you know what I mean.  I threw the towel in early during that challenge.  Why?  Not really sure other than I lack self-control.   I love sweets.  Love sweets.  And I tend to get pretty lazy.  It’s the execution.  THAT is my biggest problem.  I have the greatest intentions – like, “I’m going to work out tomorrow” or “This is the last snack.”  But I fail, every single time.

Today, I started prepping.  I bought a pair of new kicks, a new scale, and a Fitbit (it’s like a pedometer).  These things alone won’t do anything for me.  I know what I need to do.  I’ve been seeing a trainer for a couple of months now and she’s awesome.   When I told her about the upcoming challenge and that I needed her to tell me exactly what to do, her response was “There is nothing different from what I’ve told you before.”  Damn.  She’s so totally right.

This week is all about drafting an exercise schedule and meal planning.  I’ve been pinning a ton of stuff about the Paleo style of eating.  This kind of diet has been recommended by my trainer.  She’s asked me to commit to 30 days and I’m going to do it.  She promises that I will feel so much better and that sounds more appealing than a sandwich.

I’m also looking at my overall goals.  I have two short term goals that I’m bound and determined to get to by October 30th.  I’ll then need to re-evaluate because I have to big events next year that I want to feel great for.  On top of that, I just really want to focus on my health.  It’s so important considering my health history to make some significant changes.

Damn, I’m pretty sure I’ve written this before on the blog.  Argh!  Intentions and execution.  It’s time to flip the switch.


  1. Oh I love looking at Paleo food! I was raised with a carb- heavy diet and I go through big carb phases and then I try to cut them down. I can’t wait to hear how it goes with you!

  2. Go you for doing this! I hope you ladies kick it off with a flourish and have so much fun!

  3. Woo hoo! Wendy, this post totally motivates me! 🙂 l LOVE IT!


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