I’m Already Over Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s October 1st and I’m already over breast cancer awareness month.

You did know that today kicks off national breast cancer awareness month, right?  Well, it also marks the four-year-anniversary of my own diagnosis.  Believe me, the irony is not lost on me.  So, consider yourself warned: I will be writing a lot about “the big C” throughout the month.

I’d like to welcome the readers from She Knows!  The fabulous Jessica Watson (she also writes at her personal blog Four Plus an Angel) featured me along with nine other awesome bloggers who have battled breast cancer.  I’m proud to be amongst some exceptional bloggers and cancer advocates, including Nancy Stordahl from Nancy’s Point and AnneMarie Ciccarella from Chemobrain!

Now, the reason I’m already over breast cancer awareness month.  Maybe it’s the pink merchandise in every single store I go into.  I saw an old high school classmate ask on Facebook where she could find some cheap, pink, breast cancer trinkets.  I wanted to reply “Um, everywhere” but alas I refrained.  I certainly don’t want to sound bitter.  Ha!


.10 from Uni-Ball and .10 from Staples.

Anyway, this is what really set me off this year.  A sign at my local Staples advertising pink Uni-Ball pens.  Ok, Uni-Ball pens are nice and I might have a few of the pink ones laying around the house.  But, Uni-Ball’s financial commitment is what kills me.  They are donating .10 from every sale of the 207 Pink Ribbon Gel pen to the City of Hope (Staples is matching the .10 donation).  Ok, there is some good and some bad here.

  • Good: City of Hope – a not-for-profit clinical research center and hospital in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Bad: 10 cents.  A 2-pack of the pens sell for $5 plus change.  I wish I knew how much it costs Uni-Ball to make gel pens.  It’s gotta be pennies, right?  .10 is a joke.  Their commitment is up to $50,000 so that means 1/2 million pens need to be sold.

The Uni-Ball situation irritates me but that’s just the tip of the iceberg I’m afraid.  I posted about   I heard about a documentary called Pink Ribbons, Inc. and I encourage you to watch the trailer!  I’ve got to get my hands on a copy.


Featured in the documentary is Dr. Susan Love of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.  The goal of DSLRF is to find out what causes the disease and to find a cure for it!  This month they are launching the HOW study.

From the Executive Director of DSLRF:

HOW is not only for or limited to learning more about breast cancer in the United States. HOW is the first-ever global online study designed to examine causes, treatment, and prevention of breast cancer. 

So what’s involved?  Clicking the HOW (the Health of Women Study) link which is an online questionnaire for ALL men and women.  This is a first time study of this size and magnitude and they need YOU – regardless if you’ve had breast cancer or not – to complete the online survey!

I’ve participated in the HOW study and it took about 15-20 minutes total.  Register today at thehealthofwomenstudy.org

One day down, thirty to go.  Now go sign up for the HOW study.


  1. Wow. I really want to see that film. Let me know if you need help trying to get a copy.

  2. My friend was diagnosed at the end of September, as well – by the time October rolled around with the stores puking pink from every single aisle – she was just sick of thinking about her cancer everywhere she turned.

    I’ve heard a TON about that documentary – need to know how to view it!

  3. My growing distance from the “walks” is directly related to things that documentary brings up. I was asked this month to lend a story to support a product. I said no. I will definitely be watching it. thanks for sharing.


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