Bringing Up the Rear

Week 4 of the Let’s Get Physical weight loss challenge is on the books and yours truly is still bringing up the rear.  I’m fourth from the bottom and to celebrate I went shopping for clothes.  Nothing can make you feel worse about yourself than to go clothes shopping, am I right?  Even worse, I went shopping for something to wear for an evening out in Las Vegas.  Next item to get on my to-do list: Spanx.

Airope workoutI also wanted to congratulate Julie D. from Michigan for winning the Airope from Power Systems giveaway!

I’ve attempted twice to get into Paleo.  I keep flipping back and forth between going full-out Paleo or just following a no carb diet.  I guess it’s because I use cheese as a crutch.  It’s my go-to snack and it’s not allowed when you follow Paleo.  I did get two Paleo books recommended by friends who are successfully losing weight with this sort of diet.  Last week, Amazon dropped onto my doorstep: Eat Like a Dinosaur and Paleo Slow Cooking.  When it finally cools down here in Southern California, I might consider cooking again.

I’ve invited the bloggers participating in the Let’s Get Physical challenge in a blog hop.  So check out where they’re at in their weight loss journey.  They might have posted about what they’re eating or what they are doing for exercise — so go read some great blogs, like now.

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  1. I’m so excited to try out the AirRope!!! And hopefully I’ll be writing a post later today… although the title is going to be much like yours.

    *stepping into my inspiring self*

    We can do this!!!

  2. I linked up! Thanks for the challenge, Wendy, and the post linky bit! You’ll bring yourself back to the way you want to be, just keep at it! Paleo probably isn’t for me, either, I live off cheese!

  3. Find some grass-fed cheese and you’ll be good to go. You may need to order it OR maybe we could find somewhere that sells it and take a mini-road trip. I promise you will feel better if you do this. Don’t let cheese be the thing that hold you back. <3

  4. It took me at least 5 times to make Paleo work for me. So keep on trying !! and what’s a little cheese now and then 🙂

  5. I could never do paleo…but as long as you keep trying, you’re doing it right!

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