This Girl Needs a Break

I’ve been moving at a pretty brisk pace this month here on the blog and in real life.  October has been busy and this girl needs a break.  Good thing I’m the boss, right?

We kicked off the month with my snarky feelings toward all things pink in I’m Already Over Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I recapped the fabulous weekend getaway with my girls from The Trend Tribe in two parts: here and here.  And I celebrated my four year cancerversary with a fun Essie Nail Polish giveaway.  Congratulations to Erica, Andrea, and Carolyn!  Your trio of nail polishes from Essie’s 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness collection are in the mail.

So, you’re wondering what I’ve got planned for the week?  Well, I definitely need to catch up on a few episodes of Homeland.  I’ve got a list of books I’ve been meaning to read, including Catching Fire and Fifty Shades of Darker.  And, there’s a new People magazine sitting besides me and I’m really not too sure about Jessica Biel’s decision to choose a pink wedding dress. Let’s discuss.

This week also marks the final week of the “Let’s Get Physical” weight loss challenge.  Oh yeah, remember that?  This time around has been a little bit more difficult for the participants.  I think it has to do with the time of the year.  I crapped out again.  Shocker, right?  So, this also means that my ass needs to get back into the gym this week because I’ve got a trainer ready to kick said ass.

I will be back with new content on Monday, November 5th.  But, that doesn’t mean I won’t have anything here for you this week.  I’ll be posting a few favorites from the past and hopefully it’s worthy enough to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Until the 5th my friends. 


  1. Mommakiss says:

    I say take the week off off! A little radio silence is good for everyone.
    Happy 4 years, by the way!!

  2. You totally deserve a break. Enjoy!

  3. Enjoy your break!

    Also, I was not a fan of Jessica Biel’s wedding dress. She’s so pretty and it just didn’t seem like her. I can’t stop wondering what Justin’s mom thought of her dress!

  4. Sweet! Take the week off and my birthday present will be your return 🙂

    And dude, a pink dress? Blech.

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