Who Do You Stand Up For?

Monday, February 4, 2013 is World Cancer Day.  Today we stand up for the people in our lives that have fought and won and for those who have fought and surrendered to cancer.   Thank you to Stand Up to Cancer and to everyone who submitted a photo.  Follow #istandupfor and @SU2C on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Who do you stand up for?  



#IStandUpFor @LifeWithTheFrog's son Joey
Ashley Fitting SU2C
Maribel Reyes
natalie chiles
donna SU2C
Meredith Spidel
Christie Moeller
Sharon Greenthal

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You can still join in!  Comment below and tell me who you stand up for!  Or download a SU2C placard here and tweet your photo to @SU2C and @wendy_nielsen, use instagram and hashtag #istandupfor, or post your photo directly to the Stand Up to Cancer Facebook wall

This is a non-sponsored post.  I proudly support Stand Up to Cancer!


  1. Love Love Love!

  2. Wendy, thanks for doing this and thanks for including all of us. This means a lot, truly. What a perfect way to commemorate the day!

  3. Love this so much Wendy, thank you for doing this.

  4. This is amazing! Love it! Thanks for doing this. 🙂

  5. Just loved all these pictures! I didn’t know what today was until I saw it on twitter. I’m standing up in memory of my mom, and for me. 🙂

  6. This… you… simply amazing!

  7. Love. Tears. Love.

    Printing my placard now.

  8. Thank you for doing this Wendy. Big hugs! You are such an inspiration.

  9. I love this post and love seeing people show their support. We can all stand up to cancer together.

  10. I stand up for my Grandma Montgomery, great-uncle Austin Roark, my aunt Penny (8-11-60 to 8-8-12), my Dad…and me. (breast cancer dx 6-8-10).

    • I now stand up for you, your Dad, your aunt Penny, your great-uncle Austin Roark, and your Grandma Montgomery! I hope you are doing well these days, Shana!

      • I am doing well, Wendy! The side-effects of having been on Tamoxifen for the past 2.5 years have me moving a bit slower than I would like though. Still not back up to where I was strength-wise before all this started, but I hope to get back there someday.

        May you have a wonderful week!!

  11. Thank you for doing this – I’m sharing on FB, because every bit of awareness counts. I stand up for my grandparents, my aunts, my mom, and everyone who’s had to deal with this terrible disease.

  12. You rock girlie. Seriously, you amaze me. Thank you for doing this.

  13. Thank you for doing this and including us. You are such a wonderful example to me.

  14. Thanks for doing this Wendy and being the inspiration for my own post for World Cancer Day today.

    It was great to participate in any way I could.

  15. Oh wow! I suck so bad! I’m sorry I let yesterday pass by! My sweet grandmother who was the light of my life surrendered to cancer. It was a very long time ago but I still miss her.

  16. I’m late getting to this, but I want to say this is incredible, and I stand up for you, for my grandma, and for a little girl named Kyra whom I never met but who became an angel today.


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