Where I’ve Been this Week

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already!  Where did this week go?  Wasn’t it just Super Bowl Sunday?

I’ve been working like a dog on projects outside of my little space here on the internet.  So, before I get back to wrapping up a special post I’m writing for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s Act with Love campaign (I’m hopeful it will go live next week and when it does I’ll be sure to let you know) I want to share a couple of my favorite reads I’ve seen this week.

Guest post: I wrote a letter to a former Facebook friend over at Letters for Lucas this week for Tonya’s Letters for You series.  Some readers thought I was being mean in my letter.  Go over there and tell me what you think.

Juice it Up: Got a juicer collecting dust in the back of an old cupboard?  Dig that baby out and head on over to The Trend Tribe where I’m sharing my favorite, super-rich juice recipe.  Pin that graphic, would ya?

Books: The countdown for our Hawaiian vacation is on and I’m looking for a couple of great books.  My friend Megan from Mama Bub just released her current favorites.  Girlfriend can turn it out.  It would take me two years to read what she reads in two weeks.

New obsessions: I have a couple of new obsessions this week.  My friend Meike posted on Facebook earlier this week about her friend Michelle celebrating her blog anniversary.  The blog is called Small Fries with That and it’s freaking hilarious.  My other new obsession is the Jillian Michaels podcast.  Yes, that Jillian from The Biggest Loser.  I’ve absolutely consumed myself with a back log of podcasts.  She give great advice on everything from exercise, diet, and life in general.  Go download it now from iTunes.

In Real Life: Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the newest kidlet from the Fitting family.  My friend Ashley from It’s Fitting was in town – well, sort of…about an hour south of me – but I made the trip to go visit and see her littles.  We spent hours just hanging and gossiping.  We even took our kids to the beach at dusk – in February.  Gotta love California!

Babes on the beach.

Babes on the beach.

Take Over: How are you liking the Friday Take Over series so far?  If you missed it, you definitely have to check out what Stephanie, Erica, and Taylor-Ann have had to say.  I love the variety of posts so far!  Tomorrow, I’ve got Betsy from BetsyLife stopping by with a delicious recipe.  And speaking of recipes, you have to see Betsy’s recipe for a Girl Scout inspired Samoa bundt cake.

Speaking of cookies: My friend Gigi at Kludgy Mom wrote an excellent post about the business of Girl Scout cookies and how the organization is missing the mark.  Curl up with your Thin Mints and check this one out.

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