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Mama Bub's Weekly Menu
My grocery shopping abilities are less than stellar but my meal planning is far worse.  Somedays, the clock will quickly be inching toward 5:00pm and I won’t have a clue as to what I’m putting on the table that night.  Maybe chicken or one of those individually flash frozen steaks I bought from a door-to-door meat salesman.  You know, because one of his regular orders cancelled and he had extra and was going to give me a great deal.  I regretted that decision as soon as I closed my front door.  Anyway, I cook dinner at least a couple times a week but the nights when we have soccer or gymnastics – well, I’m usually forced to call for pizza or we eat cereal.  Yes, I know…I’m a terrible homemaker.

I’ve been stalking my friend Mama Bub and her weekly menu plans.  The other night, I learned that she makes dinner every night of the week and that they only go out as a family a couple times a month.  Wait..what?  We eat dinner out at least three times a week (two of those are Saturday and Sunday nights).  The truth is, I’m not a very good cook.  I get by with a couple of go-to recipes but this family cannot survive on spaghetti alone!


So, Sunday before heading out to the grocery store – we needed cereal after Saturday night’s dinner in – I sat down at the computer to check out Mama Bub’s menus.  I also dug into my Pinterest boards too.  I knew all those recipes I’ve pinned would eventually come in handy.  Here’s what I came up with:

Monday: Thai Peanut Chicken
This was on Mama Bub’s menu during the week of February, 11th.  She found it at Mmm…Cafe originally.  It’s a crockpot dinner which works for us on Monday nights because we’re out on the soccer field in the early evening.  I’m a little afraid of this recipe because it’s something we wouldn’t normally eat.

Tuesday: Grilled Fish Tacos with Pineapple Salsa
We’re trying to eat more fish but I ruin it every time I grill it.  I’m thinking I’ll just cover it up with some homemade Pineapple Salsa.  Worst case scenario: I have tortilla chips.

Wednesday: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
I love sweet potatoes and hope that I’ll love this savory recipe just as much as ones smothered in butter and sugar.

Thursday: Hawaiian Style Short Ribs
A friend of mine pins some of the best stuff including this one that has 29 crockpot meals that do not include a creamy fattening base. I thought I had short ribs in the freezer – from the meat salesman – but I don’t, so it’s back to the grocery store.  These will be a homerun in our house.

Friday: Sweet & Sticky Baked Chicken
The original recipe calls for chicken drumsticks and I just don’t do drumsticks. So, I’m swapping sticks for breasts. I think this one is all about the sauce anyway.

A couple of other new things I’m trying this week are Banana Oatmeal Cupcakes for breakfast on the go.  I’m also drinking my weight in Shakeology shakes too.  I just started a Shakeology board on Pinterest and hoping to find some recipes to mix things up a bit!

So, what sounds good to you?


  1. Too funny!! I wrote about the exact same thing today.

    I suck at meal planning and end up at the store 20 times throughout the week. But I’m going to really put some effort into it and try this week!

    Are the Shakeology shakes a meal replacement?

  2. How did you get in my head (and/or my kitchen)?! Before I read this my meal plan for the week consisted of mac & cheese for tonite, two nights of going out, and nothing else. And now I know what to do with the lonely sweet potatoes in my pantry!

  3. My friend recommended the fish nuggets (terrible name!) at Trader Joe’s for fish tacos. They’re not grilled, I don’t think, but I can NOT make fish successfully.

  4. Ha! I totally fell for the meat salesman. TWICE. But I was living in a different house the 2nd time, so I blanked and fell for it again. DOH.

    I’ve been planning by the month- I’m posting about it soon. I. Love. It. And I hate planning. I don’t mind the cooking, but I hate the planning. I’m going to go check out your recipes! Hope it goes well!


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