Wreck-It Ralph Themed Birthday Party

My friend Fran throws phenomenal parties.  She dreams big and leaves no detail overlooked.  A couple of weeks ago, we attended a Wreck-It Ralph birthday party for her oldest daughter.  In previous years, she’s thrown themed parties like Alice in Wonderland, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Phineas and Ferb but this Wreck-It Ralph themed birthday party might have been the best I’ve seen.


A long table draped with a Wreck-It Ralph table cloth awaited little guests.  Dish after dish lined the table filled with gumdrops, wafer cookies, marshmallows, gummy bears, M&Ms, cookies, Peeps, and graham crackers.  The kids were asked to build their own Wreck-It Ralph race car made from all these edible goodies “glued” together with royal icing.





Sweet and sugary fun inspired Fran’s outdoor confectionery theme.  She decorated her backyard garden in oversized wrapped candy pieces, life-size Pixie Stix, and sticky taffy.  Yes, she hand made each individual piece.  The candies were crafted from plastic “take out” containers wrapped in colorful pieces of cellophane.   The life-size Pixie Stix started out as plain cardboard tubes, wrapped in painters tape, and painted in bright colors.   The hanging purple taffy was wired ribbon.  Adorable, right?



The treats never ever fail at Fran’s party.  Months of planning and weeks of preparation went into the Wreck-It Ralph fare.  Here the littles were invited to a glass of ice cold milk but with a super sweet twist.  See those cups?  Yep, they were dipped in royal icing and sanded with colored sugar.  Parents were even getting in on the milk action!


Homemade Wreck-It Ralph “You’re My Hero” sugar cookies.


These are probably my new favorite marshmallow treat!  Forget Rice Krispies — go for the Trix cereal!  Yes, there were lots of sweet snacks but there were plenty of other fun and yummy savory options too.  You can see meatballs on a stick in the background.  She also offered pizza wheels on a stick, deviled eggs, and cucumber sandwiches.


Lollypop cookies?  Yes, please.  I’ll take one in every color!  These were perfect for milk dipping too!

lollypop cookies

Are you ready for the Wreck-It Ralph cake?  Fran’s mom always makes the most creative cakes.  It’s almost a shame to have to cut into them!  Check out the detail!




Crafts always play a big role at Fran’s parties.  After building their own WreckIt Ralph cars, the kids colored the Tetris-like block wall with chalk and were encouraged to draw the birthday girl a special picture that would later be included in a scrapbook (love that idea!).




Got a question on how to throw your own WreckIt Ralph birthday party?  Need more details on something Fran did at her Wreck-It Ralph party?  Leave your questions in the comments below and I’ll have Fran answer them personally!

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  1. what an amazing party! i am in awe of all of it, love the fancy-rim milk cups and the twix treats. also, how do i get on this invite list 🙂

  2. In my next life, I want to be Fran’s kid!!!

  3. OMG! What an awesome party!! All the details were so great. Glad you shared these Wendy!

  4. We love wreck-it Ralph at our house! In fact, we bought it and watched it for my birthday (and I’m 30!). This is a super, super cute party and how fun for the kiddos.

  5. I am dying over this!!! I am so doing this for one of my kids who are both obsessed with Wreck it Ralph! What darling idea! I love creating their own Go Cart. So cute!

  6. Wow! That’s a party worthy of a magazine! I loove the race car idea. Can you ask her how she made those lollipop cookies, please? My daughter wants a lollipop cake and these would be fun to have too!

    • Amber- My mom makes all the food for the parties. I asked her and she said she used a basic sugar cookie dough, dyed different colors, rolled two colors out rope shaped and then rolled them together like you would a candy cane and then spiraled that into the round shape. She used craft sticks and then baked. She did mention she had some trouble w/ the dough being crumbly :-/ and will try a different type of dough next time. Sorry, hope that helps.

  7. I am gonna do a party like this and I love the backyard decor and explanations. Thanks. Will pin this for sure

  8. Ps where did she get the cardboard tubes?

    • Carrie- Carpet tubes! My parents were getting new carpet installed and they were just lying there….about to be thrown away.

  9. Super amazing! Where can I find the cardboard tubes to make the pixie stix?

    • Faby- They were carpet tubes. I wonder what carpet installers do w/ them once they are finished? The one’s doing my parents house were more than happy to not have to clean them up….my husband on the other hand 😉

  10. This is incredible! So many details and darling ideas for the Wreck it Ralph theme. I LOVE the hanging candy and even those pixie sticks. So clever! I may need to have Fran plan my kid’s next party!!

  11. How did she build the track around the cake? Is it carved out or did she do the ramp out of something else?

  12. Beautiful birthday party!!! I love all the details. Nicely done Fran! Thanks for sharing Wendy!

  13. Where did she get the containers for the candy cars? Love all of it!

    • I get the clear plastic containers from Smart & Final. They come in bulk and are also a good thing to have on hand for guests to take treats home w/ them or send left overs with my husband to his work on Monday….so I’m not left with alllll those treats the rest of the week 😉

  14. Kristine says:

    Wow! I am in love with all the decorations and ideas! 🙂 Fran, you are amazing! I wish I had your talent and creativity. <3 Where did you find those plastic containers for the candy car racers? I've searched everywhere and couldn't find any. 🙁 Also, can you suggest any entree' type foods (beef, chicken, veggie, etc) for the Wreck It Ralph movie theme? All I could think of are "Psy Bug" burgers. lol ;)p Thank you in advance!

    • Kristine, I get them from Smart & Final. I’m not sure where you live or if they have those stores there? It’s like a restaurant supply store, everything is in bulk.The food-food ideas…We did meatballs on a stick (like a lollypop), pizza pinwheels on a stick, cucumber sandwiches, a fruit tray & a veggie tray that were spiraled, cold rainbow striped pasta noodles….non of which was really movie themed, I just went with the Sugar Rush candy theme. I like the burger idea though 🙂

  15. How do you draw faces on the candy that look like peppermint circle? What is the tan color substance that makes the race track? Where did you get the miscellaneous candy from, all the candy. How did you make the six for the top of the cake and also how did you do the blue icing for the your my hero cookies. What kind of icing is that.

    • wendy nielsen says:

      Hey Lauren! I’ll make sure Fran sees your questions! Thanks for stopping in!

    • Sorry Lauren 🙂 The candies are from Smart & Final (I liked these because they were pastel colors) and their faces are out of piped royal icing. The road is made out of crushed toffee. Graham crackers and cookies would have gotten soggy-ish. Allllll the candy, right?! The $1 stores and Big Lots had some interesting selections, some really fun stuff. I have so much left over! I think I’ll save it for gingerbread houses this Christmas…just have to make sure the kids won’t try & eat them haha. The “6” cake topper is a carved piece of styrofoam that I glued sprinkles onto. The Hero cookies are made w/ the “Color Flow” icing. If you don’t have a bakery supply near, Wilton makes it and you can find it at Micheals or JoAnns. There’s instructions inside. Then the words and outline are pipped royal icing. I hope some of this helps! Please let me know if you have more 🙂

  16. Ok, I’ll wait a reply. I am having a sugar rush themed birthday for my two year old next month. I want to make the hero cookies, the cake, and some decorations.

  17. Katelin Bradley says:

    FRAN, you are outstanding, great work! I am also doing a Wreck it Ralph party end at the end of June with my Ralph crazed 2 year old. I am definitely doing the candy cars. I am so impressed with your mad skills!

  18. WOW!!! Fran, this is amazing! I was seeking inspiration for a wreck it ralph themed party for my twin girls 3rd birthday and have found it in this blog! Thanks for some fantastic ideas and lots of info – you’re my hero! 🙂 x

  19. jennie o says:

    HI, your party looks awesome! We were wondering how you made the candy cars. What made all the candies, marshmellows, etc stick together? thanks a bunch!

    • Thank you Jennie! I used royal icing and put it in little baggies, twisty tied w/ one of the baggy’s corners clipped off. The Royal icing i use= 3 Tbl Meringue Powder (I use Wilton’s), 4 cups SIFTED powder sugar, 6 Tbl water, beat on med-high ’til icing forms peaks. If too thin add a little more powder sugar. I like the meringue powder over egg whites, especially w/ kids and knowing how much will be ingested ;o)

      • Just a quick question about the royal icing baggies: how long beforehand can you make them, and how do you store them before the party? Do they get hard or need to be squished a bit for the kids to be able to use them? Thanks!

        • I hope my reply isn’t too late…If you haven’t already found the answer, yes you can definitely make them ahead. As long as the baggies are zipped (or twisty tied if not using ziplock) closed they should last quit awhile. Just don’t clip the corner off until you’re ready to use 😉

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Hello, I am currently working on a Wreck It Ralph mostly Sugar Rush theme for my daughters 1st birthday. It’s been hard since they have been taking these toys and theme off the shelves, even at my job where we used to have the characters interact in Tomorrowland, they are all gone! So my journey is long:/ My question is about the cake. I’ve managed to get a grip on the decor, sweets and activities, I’m just curious about getting a few tips on the cake! What pans mostly since I plan on doing a rainbow batter. I would love some tips!

  21. marlene says:

    Hi Fran…been asked to do a cake like urs….it is awesome. Just wondering how many layers and what size round pans were used? I can see it was carved so instructions would be great if u can share. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Iam going to try to make this cake for Grand daughers 5th birthday. I would love any suggetstions you could give, even if have pictures of all sides of the cake. How many layers is this cake ? and how did you make the round top of the cake? thank you so much

  22. Shannon says:

    Hi. Where did you find the purple streamers? They look like they have a shimmer to them. Also, how did you get them to stay curled on the bottom?

  23. Hello! I love this party!! I would love the deatials of the cake! How many boxes of cake mix? Thank you so much for your great ideas!

  24. Jennie V says:

    Not sure if this has already been asked (I tried to read all the comments, too many lol) Anyway, i have a question about the figurines on the cake, those weren’t made were they? And if not, where can I find them?

  25. How did you make those?

  26. Elizabeth says:

    I’m planning on having a Wreck it Ralph party for my 4 year old later this month, and I LOVE you’re ideas! Thank you so much for sharing? Do you still happen to have the Ralph and Vanellope figurines you used on your cake? I would love to buy them from you if your little one doesn’t use them anymore. I can’t seem to find them anywhere!

  27. Amanda Brightwell says:

    This party is just absolute genius! I have talked my soon to be five year old out of a Frozen party for an awesome Vanellope/Ralph party instead. I Actually found your cake on pintrest last week and had a cake shop quote me $200 Just this morning before finding this blog lol so high five to your mom who is amazing and so creative! I was wondering did she mold the Ralph and Vanellope at the bottom of the cake or did you find a cake topper else where?

  28. Hi! Wonderful party! Any chance I can get the recipe for the Twix cereal bars??? Thanks!

  29. vianeta says:

    Hi Iam wanting to make this cake for granddaughters birthday. I am a novas cake maker, very novas. any details you can share about the making of the cake I would really appreciate. As far as the top how did you make that as a round top? Is the cake sloped all the way to make it a race track all the way up to the top?
    Thank you for any hints you can give me.

    • wendy nielsen says:

      Hi Vianeta,
      I didn’t make the cake. I was only a guest at the party. Sorry, I don’t have any additional details! Good luck! – Wendy

  30. I’m having a birthday party for my daughter who is turning 2, and she is in love with Wreck It Ralph. I’m in desperate need for some game ideas! I’ve come up with sack throwing game, “High Score”, and pin the medal or crown on Ralph or Vanellope. I was thinking of musical chairs, but was hoping for a better suggestion!


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