Working Towards Happiness by Anna Hartman

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting today’s guest blogger at Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix. We were chatting about our blogs – as we do at blogging conferences – and she told us she was in the midst of writing love letters to strangers over the course of 30 days. She explained that her blog – In The Next 30 Days – is a personal challenge blog in hopes of making a positive difference in herself and the world around her. Oh my goodness, #blogcrush. Anna Hartman is blogging’s best kept secret but it won’t be for long. She’s going to be hugely successful – mark my words. Enjoy her guest post today and be sure to click through to see more from Anna!


Here is what I’m sure of: sunrise is the most beautiful time of the day; no one looks good in blue eye shadow; crocodiles are really scary; and I have to work hard at being happy.

No. I don’t mean that I should find a job that will give me a regular paycheck, and that will make me happy. What I mean is that I need to wake up each morning and make the choice to be happy. Then, the decisions I make, my actions, and even my smallest moments will reflect that. I have learned to work on my happiness every day.

By the end of last summer, I was drowning in children, in our lack of structure or schedule. I had no routine. August came, and I struggled to get out of bed, to pour cereal for breakfast, to make it through to bedtime. I actually wondered how could anyone possibly be so sad in the summertime.

But I was looking at happiness backwards. I expected to be happy simply because it was hot outside, because the sky was blue. I expected summer to make me happy, and instead the overwhelming crush of my idleness was smothering.

Aristotle said, “Happiness is a state of activity.” He was a smart, smart man.

I realized that happiness is something to work toward, a state to strive for, a daily activity. And it’s work to get there because I am the only person who can make myself happy. I have to take that responsibility and run with it. I know that dinner with my girlfriends helps, that cream in my coffee and a good book support my happy, that writing and yoga and deep sleep and telling knock-knock jokes with my kids all contribute to my state of happiness. But I have to recognize the blessings that surround me. Happiness is enjoying the smallest moments and celebrating the big ones.

Being happy is work. It’s happy work, energetic, occupied, and active.

Right now, from where I stand with my toes in this Summer, feeling the sunshine on my skin, hearing the ocean waves, smelling the sunscreen, I know this year will be better than the last. I know I won’t end up drowning in my idleness. I will actively work toward my state of happiness. I am sure of that.


Anna Hartman

Like I mentioned, I loved Anna’s Love Letter’s challenge especially this one she wrote for a mom.  I found out she left it in the children’s section of the public library. Can you even imagine finding that letter?

Spend some time with Anna.  You’ll definitely want to read the following posts as well: Anna’s Awesome List (all about self-love and self-improvement), a DIY on how to make embroidered stationary (because who doesn’t love cute stationary?), and her current challenge to Be Outside.

Anna can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

Going to BlogHer’13 this year in Chicago? Anna will be speaking and moderating the Fitness and Nutrition track at the HealthMinder Day on July 25th.  The topic is Fad to Foundation and how one small idea can spark change that lasts a lifetime.   


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