How I Survived My First Week of the Uprising

Remember last week when I asked you what happens with you Do Nothing?

Well, I’m off and running with the July Uprising through Revolt. Two words: holy hell.

Each Uprising begins with a detox diet. Heavy on the protein and easy on the carbs. In fact, not a single carbohydrate with the exception of those that occur naturally in fruit and vegetables.

The workouts are quick and dirty. I told my friend Jessica at Chaos and Love that the workouts are deceptively hard. Something about Nichole’s method really confuses your body and 25 minutes later you’re feeling like you’ve got jello legs. Don’t even ask me about how I felt the day after!

So, I wasn’t perfect. The first week of July had a holiday and though it was deemed as a “free day” – I don’t think chips, salsa, margaritas, s’mores, cookies, and burgers were the best choice. And I didn’t get all six workouts in either. But, I’m following my friend Betsy’s advice not to beat myself up for one day and that the next one is a brand new opportunity to try again.

One tip I’ve learned so far is prepping meals for the week. Though the one afternoon I did it all was kind of a pain, the easy grab and heat up when hungry  was a life saver!


2 bags pre-washed baby spinach from Trader Joe’s
1 bag shredded carrots from Trader Joe’s
1 container organic cherry tomatoes from Trader Joe’s
salt & pepper

Divide ingredients evenly among your containers. Drizzle balsamic vinegar when ready to eat. I found a random honey mustard spray vinaigrette at my local grocery store that has 10 calories per spray and it was delicious. That honey mustard flavor pairs nicely with the spinach!

Have any of you had success pre-prepping food when dieting?


  1. Yeah girl! Something is ALWAYS better than nothing. My 4th (ok, entire weekend) was a total carb fest as well, BUT I got up and ran this morning and ate a nice healthy diet today. Fingers crossed WE can keep it up all week!!

  2. Congrats on finishing the first week!!

    The workouts are hard…. especially the Tabatas… but I promise you that they’re worth it and you will see results. I haven’t stuck with it 100% every day. It’s hard with kids, work, and everything else that you have going on in your life and once in a while you just want to eat a damn piece of bread!

  3. YAY you! Perfection is impossible to obtain. Rather than looking at what you didn’t do, consider what you DID do! From where I sit, I see/read that your first week was a success! Why is it we (consider “me” the biggest part of “we”) constantly pick ourselves apart rather than celebrate our successes? After the hellish ordeal of cancer and the nasty side effects of my cancer-ain’t-coming-back pill, I find myself struggling to feel good about myself more than usual. So…I made a pact with myself to try to think about the good I’m doing rather than worry about the bad. This is age old advice (and forgive me for preaching) but in you I see an amazing woman who is doing awesome things! There is nothing easy about revamping our diets and launching a new exercise routine. But you did! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. I think you rocked it. And your salads are pretty. 🙂

  5. Keep it up! And high five for prepping all that food too.

  6. Go Wendy Go! I think so much of “healthy” is in the balance. It’s about knowing what your body needs instead of what it wants, and it’s about not depriving yourself so you feel angry or like you’re missing out. I think you found that balance last week. Healthy with a break for the holiday festivities. Good for you!

    And I heart a good spinach salad. Raspberry vinaigrette is my go-to.

  7. I’m WAY impressed.
    I food prep all the time, so it’s not such a shock when I diet. But of course that would require me to have the discipline to ACTUALLY diet… Lately? Meh… I’ll just hold on the to the extra poundage and eat the damn brownie. And dream about one day getting some sleep 🙂

  8. After dieting for over 30 years, I think the only way I am going to be successful is to have a menu each and every week and prep my food. So oftentimes I allow myself to get beyond STARVING that I make very poor choices.

    I like that you took stuff that I would normally buy already and make it really simple. I know how to open bags with ABC (already been cut) veggies in it. That I can do!!

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