I Tried: 30 Days of Early Mornings

I tried. I really, really tried.

You should have heard the shit I got from friends when they had read my vow to get up early for 30 days. They joked “It’s not like you are trying to get up early to go exercise; you’re just trying to get up early!” Laughter ensued. I smiled, sipped my chardonnay, and felt dumb.

I felt like my inability to be a early riser equated to being lazy.

I am definitely not lazy, though. Am I guilty of staying up too late plugging away on the computer? Yes. Am I guilty of watching too many back-to-back episodes of Scandal on the iPad under the covers? Definitely. Am I bad wife because I don’t stand on the drive way and wave goodbye to my husband as he drives off to work? No. Am I bad mom because I don’t have breakfast on the table when my kid comes downstairs? No. Could I stand a little more balance in my day-to-day routine that might yield an earlier bedtime which could in turn yield an earlier and easier morning? Sure.

You see, the thing about Anna’s personal 30 day challenges are that they takeaway is greater than the task at hand.

The month was far more than seeing the sun rise. It was, instead, about opening my eyes to other areas of my life that need attention.

September’s challenge: Check back later this week as I lay out this month’s plan.


  1. See? Finally a challenge I could have nailed… Thanks to the peanut anyway. 🙂


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