Favorite Halloween Traditions: The Boo Bucket

College football on the television, Crock Pot recipes in the Pinterest feed, and a Pumpkin Spiced Latte on the Starbucks  bar…Fall is around the corner, isn’t it?

Looking back through my archives, I don’t think I’ve ever written about Halloween here on the blog. There was this post about my Mixed Up Feelings for the season, but other than that…nothing.

So, I thought I’d get on the broom stick early this year and share a couple of traditions we always make sure to do this time of year. Today’s post is a first in a series of three and I’m talking about Boo’ing your neighbors.



True story: Our house has never been booed. I remember seeing “BOO!” signs on our neighbors’ doors long before I had a kid of my own and couldn’t wait to start that tradition because who doesn’t like surprise gifts waiting on their door step. I figured we would do a few peeps and then we’d definitely get booed back. Two years since we started this tradition…still waiting.

We like to Boo our neighbors with treats they can make. While I think it’s special to give homemade goodies to friends and neighbors, do you really think someone is going to eat something left on their door step anonymously? Yeah, probably not. So, we pack up Halloween themed buckets (you can find them at any drug store or dollar section for a couple of bucks) and fill them with holiday themed cake mix and frosting. Cake mix and frosting is cheap, yo. Find a coupon and get yourself a couple of boxes. I think it’s fun to include Halloween themed cupcake liners and cupcake toppers, too. I’ve been lucky to find super adorable trimmings at Home Goods, Target, and Michaels. Dress it up with some Halloween tissue paper and ribbon and  you’re done – almost.  Local friends: if you find one of these baking Boo buckets on your door step…guess who it’s from!


Now, you can’t forget the Boo sign! It’s the most important piece because you want your friends or neighbors to hang the sign on their front doors to let any other potential Boo’ers know someone has beat them to it. Also, I’ll think it’s kind of a non-verbal acknowledgement to say “Hey, we got your Boo bucket!”

The chandelier Boo sign we used last year came from The TomKat Studio. I thought it matched nicely with the swirly black and white tissue paper – cute, right? I’m including a couple of link to my favorite Boo signs out there too:

Orange and White stripes with Spiders from Grey Square Designs

Cartoon Frankenstein from Happiness is Homemade

Orange polka dots with black cat from Nola Mommy

Green with Black Bats from Anders Ruff

Simple and Cute Ghost for Neighbors or Office

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>Up next: Ideas for a killer, er…fun kids Halloween party including Halloween themed snacks and games! Be sure to check out my seasonal Halloween board on Pinterest too! I’m pinning tons of ideas for our annual party!


  1. Super cute! I never thought to put treat mixes in the buckets. Doing that this year. (Oh, and PINNED!)

  2. I have NEVER seen this before. LOVE IT.

  3. I live in a neighborhood that is mostly older people. Most of them don’t even hand out candy for Trick or Treat. Sad, right? I don’t know how well Boo-ing would go over, but maybe we can figure out a way to boo some of the kids’s friends because the idea is super great!

  4. I love BOOing!! But the cake mix idea is genius 🙂 you can come boo my neighborhood anytime…

  5. The first time I heard of getting “Boo’ed” was last year. I got boo’ed at the office – and had a really tough time figuring out how to fill up a pumpkin to Boo someone else. I love the cake mix idea (plus it fills up the bucket/pumpkin nicely. Boo!

  6. How sweet is this?! 😉 Seriously, living in a non-Halloween-celebrating culture, I think this will be the perfect foray into introducing the holiday to our neighbors. Right?! Cake mix is a perfect intro – simple, fun, inexpensive. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  7. I have never, ever heard of this house-to-house booing before, but is sounds like fun 🙂 I hope you get booed in response. Now that you have this post, I reckon it’s a possibility. Happy Halloween, and thank you for a month of really powerful posts. ~Catherine


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