Decorating for Halloween

Thanks for all the great feedback on my How to Make a Halloween Boo Bucket post! I think gifting cake mix is a pretty brilliant idea, if I say so myself.

It’s all about home decor in today’s post. This time of year kicks off months of rotating tchotchkes in our house. By the new year, I so do not want to see another holiday themed knick knack. In fact, our Christmas tree is usually down on December 26th because I am usually just done with it all. But, hey…it’s Fall so let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves yet.

Let’s start at the front of the house. I always fill up our bird bath with gourds. They are cheap and usually last several weeks, sometimes through Thanksgiving too. I’m thinking I could use a few more…the bumpier, the better.


I use chrysanthemums in various sizes as the starting off point for my porch decorations. The two urns are there year round but my black thumbs can hardly keep anything alive. Truth be told, these gorgeous chrysanthemums are usually dried out and dead by the time Halloween arrives. But, damn…it looks really good for a solid three weeks! I decorate the potted chrysanthemums with Halloween garden stakes and add tons of real pumpkins in various sizes. The skeleton and black cat (which is kind of hard to see) are reusable decorations that you poke into the pumpkins. I got them years ago from Pier One.


I love Halloween wreaths for the front door and have two that I’ve used for years. We recently put in a new front door though and I was afraid of scratching it up with a wreath hanger. Maybe I’ll use one of those removable 3M hangers this year because I am loving these festive wreaths:

Googly Eyes Halloween Wreath by Number 2 Pencil

Chevron Halloween Wreath from Tatertots and Jello

Square Rolled Paper Wreath from That’s My Letter

Animal Eyes Halloween Wreath by Tried and True

Skeleton and Ribbon Wreath by Lil’ Luna

I usually wait until just a few days before Halloween to put out the spookier decor. Last year, I found these really cute sound-activated eyes that rattled anytime someone came to the door. I hid them in my chrysanthemums. The damn things would rattle when a car would drive by and I was always changing the batteries. This year, I think I might make my own glowing eyes using empty toilet paper rolls and glow sticks. We have tons of trees that these would look pretty cute in.

My absolutely favorite outdoor Halloween decoration are these witch and cat silhouettes from Martha Stewart. I think I first saw them on a MS Halloween cover years and years ago. Only if I knew how to use a jigsaw!


I’m pinning a ton of Halloween stuff on my Halloween Pinterest board. Come over and see what else is there! One more in this Halloween series: fun Halloween foods for your party.


  1. I love the gord & bird bath idea. Now I need to tackle step one: get a bird bath. 🙂

  2. What great (and super cool) ideas! I love all the holiday themed decorations but I always seem to find the time to update my decor just as the holiday passes. Could that be why my Christmas tree goes up the week of Christmas and comes down…in February??? I know. I know. Let the shaming begin! lol!


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