Parenthood Returns

Hey, look!  Kristina Braverman has a full head of hair in the season premiere of Parenthood.


So, I’m not trying to be annoyed by this but those of us who have lost our own locks from chemo know that it can take months before your hair starts looking like a normal head of pre-chemo hair again. I kept a hair diary as proof!

If you are a regular reader, you might remember that I wrote extensively about Parenthood last season and Kristina’s experience with breast cancer. The storyline had some ups and downs for me personally. I also got a lot of hater comments here on the blog about it, too.

But that was last year.

This season it looks like Kristina is writing a new story. In an interview at The Daily Beast, Monica Potter talked about how Kristina is “seizing the day and wanting to go after her dreams.”  She also mentioned that Kristina’s experience with breast cancer is referred to but that this season is “the year of celebration.”

I’m conflicted though. Part of me definitely wants to see a storyline where Kristina is moving on with her life post cancer. It’s a place a lot of survivors want to be. However, in my experience, many of us are frozen in fear after finishing treatment. Some are afraid of what’s next or waiting for the other shoe to drop. The area is very gray and I think for the most part we muddle through it trying to figure out our new stories.

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photo source: Monica Potter, Twitter


  1. I LOVE Parenthood and cannot even begin to imagine what Kristina’s storyline was like for a survivor. I’m excited to see what will happen in the show this year.

  2. The producers left the hair decision up to Monica Potter. I urged her via social networking to go for a short pixie cut. She didn’t listen. :/

  3. Well said, Wendy. I think it sends the wrong message to wrap it up with a pretty little bow, it’s unreal. If they weren’t planning on going all the way with it, maybe they shouldn’t have done the storyline at all? I haven’t been keeping up with Parenthood, but they kinda did the same thing on Desperate Housewives. Lynette didn’t have BC, but her life just went back to normal the following season.

  4. Great post. I wish that part had been more “real” as well. I have never gone through it, but I know those who have.

  5. Totally agree. Beyond Parenthood, the media is constantly portraying breast cancer as something that begins and ends, when in fact I felt there was more collateral damage after my treatment. Those first two years climbing out of my cancer ditch were rough. I looked completely different and lived in fear of the other shoe dropping as you point out. It wasn’t all bad, just not as neat and tidy as Parenthood has painted it.

  6. I don’t watch Parenthood very often but am watching it right now. I am a little irritated. I went through chemo in 2011 and my hair isn’t anywhere near as long as hers is now supposedly a year out from chemo. So many people have a false impression of what having cancer is actually like due to television programs like this. In my opinion, it is very irresponsible.

    • wendy nielsen says:

      I know, Kimberly! Those of us who’ve been through it know that grow out stage ain’t pretty!
      Would love for you to poke around the blog a bit…I’m doing a breast cancer series this month, sharing stories similar to yours. Thanks for commenting.

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