Twenty-One Remarkable Women Writing A New Story

I got a crazy idea late this summer.

I wondered if I put an open call out to the internet for breast cancer survivor stories if I would get any bites. I thought it would be awesome to share stories of hope and encouragement during the month of October when we’re drowning in awareness. Now, this certainly isn’t an original idea since many sites share breast cancer survivor stories this time of year.

But how could I do it differently? What is missing from all of those other survivors stories?

The answer was in my blog’s tag line: Writing a New Story.

Twenty-one beautiful, courageous, gutsy, wonderful women answered my call. I asked them to tell me how they are writing their new stories given their experience with breast cancer.

final cancer collage

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to each of these wonderful women over the next month. Read their stories, take in their amazingness, share with your friends or someone you know who might need to be lifted from the fog of their own diagnosis. Life does get better after a breast cancer diagnosis. Let these remarkable women show you the way.

You can find a complete list of these posts as they become available here.


  1. What a beautiful idea! I look forward to hearing more from each of these women…

  2. Looks great, Wendy! I can’t wait to read everyone’s stories!

  3. I’ve pulled up my chair, have a box of tissues handy, can’t wait to read it all!

  4. I truly look forward to reading this! What brave women you all are!

  5. Looking forward to reading all 21 stories. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our stories, Wendy!

  6. This is so incredibly amazing friend… I can’t wait to hear their stories.

  7. I got chills looking at that collage. CANNOT wait to read the stories. Ellen

  8. This is such a wonderful idea! Can’t wait to read along.

    BTW, my SIL was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer early this year and is doing wonderfully. 🙂

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