Favorite At-Home DVD Workouts

As the ball dropped on the east coast, my family of three toasted with apple cider and declared our resolutions with kisses and clinks. I resolved to lose 25 pounds and quickly retracted that with a WHOAMIKIDDING?! let’s make it 15 instead.

Ok, so how am I going to get there? Well, the gym. I took a handful of group classes at my gym throughout the Fall, and though I grouched through most of them, I did like a few. I find going to the gym a little bit of a chore, though. For me, I have to go while my daughter is in school because she loathes the childcare unless she knows someone else there. And while I wish I could spend each school day becoming a gym rat, it’s just not going to happen because…life and other responsibilities.

The fix? At home exercise DVDs. I have quite a collection and small area in the garage that doubles as exercise space. Here is a great list of titles that are not only my favorites but suggestions from a bunch of my fellow at-home jazzercise friends. (these are NOT affiliate links)


My two favorites DVD workouts are Jillian Michaels’ Shred It with Weights and Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam. The Shred It DVD is a kettle bell workout that is consistently challenging. Turbo Jam is upbeat and full of cardio but is a little dated in terms of set and music. Looking for the hardest arm workout known to woman? Try The Tracy Anderson Method (you can see it here).

Other suggestions include:

The Bar Method

Cathe Friedrich


Shaun T’s Focus T25

Chalene Extreme


Body Pump by Les Mills


Thanks to Erica, Tracy, Kate, Betsy, Lisa, April, Courtney, Laura, Stephanie, Kathy, and Rebecca for sharing their favorite workouts!

If I could just get the garage cleaned up, I might get one of these workouts in before summer! Do you have a favorite not listed here?


  1. For me, 2013 was all about the gym. With the influx of resolutioners (yes, I just made up a word) in Jan and Feb and the lack of parking at the gym, I am returning to my video collection too. I’m usually balls to the wall with my workouts but my cancer “ain’t” coming back medication is telling me to change things up and take an easier approach for now. Monday morning I will be starting my new Bar Method videos. Crossing my fingers my achy joints respond well. Keep us posted on your choices. I always find your suggestions helpful! 🙂

  2. It’s funny that you mentioned Tracey Anderson – some people I know where talking about her recently but I had never heard of her before that.

  3. I like Exhale: Core Fusion. But I admit that I find it hard to motivate when my couch is so close. I mean, couldn’t I just lie down instead?


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