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My daughter is obsessed with adding a little flair to her tresses. It started last summer when she saw a commercial for Hot Huez. Well, those things are a hot mess and quickly ended up in the trash when blue chalk and messy hands met my bathroom walls. Then for her birthday last month, we took her to Studio Disney 365 in Downtown Disney for an up-do cemented into the shape of a bow. She was stoked on the pink and blue hair extensions they used and has begged to wear them in her ponytail every day since.

Last weekend, I saw this photos from @myfaveverything on Instagram and knew they would be perfect for my girl and this month’s Adventures in Pinterest!

photo 2

So, you’ll see Shanna commented on her IG photo that the yarn hair extensions were a Pinterest find. She credits this blog post from A Beautiful Mess for the inspiration. I still haven’t been able to find it on Pinterest though!

I hit my local craft store for yarn. I don’t knit or crochet but figured it would be easy to find some yarn for this adventure. Well, I learned quickly that the ball of yarn I got was really too thin to make much of an impact once the hair was braided. It was cute but not enough pizzaz.


A quick run back to the craft store to get thicker yarn plus I had another idea!

I grabbed another ball of bright, multicolored yarn but still not exactly what I was looking for. I really wanted some old school yarn. Maybe I should have checked the craft section?

Since this new yarn was a little thicker, I only tied in five pieces instead of six.  I loved how bright and funky this version was!


There’s not much to it: separate the top ⅓ of the hair with a clip, tie the yarn across the mid-section of the hair close to the root (you can add as many ties as you want but my daughter has really fine hair so I was only able to get in five or six ties). Remove clip, lay hair on top of yarn pieces and gently braid hair.

Now for my hair brained idea! How much does your daughter love the movie Frozen? My idea was to tie in white pieces of yarn to create Anna’s signature white streak of hair! Here’s the thing…my hair styling skills are atrocious and I’m sure someone far craftier could create a way better version of this but my girl was over the moon pretending to be Anna!


The idea is the very same here except you tie the yarn to only one side of the head above the right ear. Initially, I tied in two pieces but as I started to braid the hair, my daughter pointed out that it was too much and that Anna’s white streak was far more subtle. So, I just used one piece of yarn this time around.


She had a blast being silly in Anna’s braids and then in a her coronation day hair style.



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  1. I love these! Such a genius idea to make her Anna! (I’m not showing this to Hannah or she’ll have Anna braids until the end of time.)

  2. That is ADORABLE! I wonder if my 8 year old will be into that?

  3. AAAAACK, if only Abby had more hair!! And I wonder if Drew would want them… he’s pretty in to Frozen 😉

  4. A new thing of white embroidery floss, still in it’s bundle, might give you a more hair like look while still being relatively easy to handle like yarn. Just a thought. Adorable idea you have though. 🙂

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