I Might As Well Be Using A Glue Stick

A few weeks ago, I spent hours falling down the You Tube rabbit hole. I got caught up watching makeup tutorials and product reviews. My fave were the haul videos. Do you know what these are? They are videos of people sharing what beauty products they’ve just purchased. The weirdest one I found was a girl modeling all the outfits she just bought from Express. Yes, I subscribed to her channel.

So, my beauty routine is failing me. Who is this old lady looking back at me in the mirror? Deep lines, dry skin, dime-sized pores, saggy jowls and the occasional breakout. I don’t know if I should use an anti-aging serum or a zit cream.

The next day, I hit Ulta which is like heaven for a product junkie like myself. I think I heard angels singing when I walked through the door. The Ulta shopping bonanza turned into a Target and QVC binge buy. I got a little of everything.

Here’s what I got:

I’ve used a primer for year and have been loyal to Smashbox throughout. Recently, I tried Benefit’s POREfessional just to change things up. I really like the texture and tint but by mid-morning it was pore-city again. I needed the big guns so I picked up Benefit’s Hello Flawless Primer. It’s feels like you’re rubbing a glue stick on your face. And you gotta be quick with the foundation as soon as you put it on. For me, it’s not an everyday product.


The fabulous Frugie (her makeup tutorials are a must watch!) suggested I try Maybelline Baby Skin. Again, a primer and at a killer price point. I am not a fan, though. As soon as I put it on, it’s like my skin instantly absorbs it and my pores look worse than before.

I’ve been changing up my foundation, too. I’ve used Bare Minerals for ever and ever. Out of boredom, I thought I’d try out some liquid and BB creams. I snagged Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in Petal and the Stay Flawless Powder – because the sales rep at Ulta told me I needed both. I don’t love either of them but probably because the shade I bought is a little too yellow.

Old habits die hard as I trolled QVC.com for Smashbox cosmetics (psst.. best deals around, seriously). I ordered the Try It Kit which included their Camera Ready BB Cream in Light, Halo Perfecting Powder and Photo Finish Primer (my old standby). The BB Cream is a huge new favorite. I love, love, love it!


This foundation brush from Sonia Kashuk is the absolute best. I’ve always only used sponges to apply foundation. This flat top multi-purpose brush found at Target is such a steal for less than $20. Where have you been all my life?


Do you use a BeautyBlender sponge? I’m not sure I get the hype. Talk to me, tell me what I’m doing wrong.

My under eyes are in desperate need of some love. Sometimes dry, always dark. I convinced myself I needed Philosophy’s Time in a Bottle. It wasn’t cheap, people. And it burns like hell when I put it on. Maybe that means it’s working! (I’m joking).  For the dark circles, I grabbed Benefit’s Fake Up on the recommendation of one of those You Tube videos. I love Fake Up. Silky, smooth, and just the right shade.

Since my lips take up half my face, I love to keep them super hydrated. Oh my…I’m loving Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer SPF 15. It’s PABA free, it doesn’t feel waxy or tacky. It’s my new favorite find and I can’t find another one anywhere.


What’s your new favorite product? Apparently, I’m easily convinced. Linking up over at Mama In Heels for this week’s #beautybuzz.

This is a non-sponsored post. I dropped every cent on every one of these products. 


  1. Valerie M. says:

    I have been using Smashbox BB cream for about a month now and I absolutely love it!!!

  2. I’ve become sucked into a world where morning prep MIGHT involve showering and a blow dry. Reading your post is refreshing 🙂

    • wendy nielsen says:

      Oh believe me… I’ve had plenty of days that I barely shower. So glad you stopped by, Catherine! xo

  3. I subbed at preschool last week, and it totally made me realize how mom-ified my beauty routine is. In fact, I only own BB Cream because it was in a swag bag at BlogHer. But I know I need to work on it and break free of the mom look, if just a little bit. Thanks for doing the test drive first!

  4. Inspired by the post, I went to Ulta today and spent way too much money. I’m blaming you when my husband freaks the eff out. 🙂

  5. I love BB cream. I use the Loreal one, and love it so much. Also, cracking up about the glue stick comment.

    I really need to get on board with the Fake Up.


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