Project Tank Top

I am in Project Tank Top mode.

During the last five years, my shirt sleeves have gotten longer and my shorts even longer. Last year, I spent a majority of the dog days of summer wearing 3/4 length sleeves. Not really a great option when it’s 90 degrees out. Enough is enough!


What seems like a bazillion years ago. Me and my hubs pre baby, pre cancer, pre squishy arms.


My friend and I at her rehearsal dinner. I am pushing for a well defined arm these days…that arm isn’t gonna cut it.

I used to live and die by the tank top. It was a wardrobe staple. Dog park? Tank top. Football game? Tank top. Concert in the park? Tank top. Ok…you get it. I had an Old Navy long length tank in every color and I wore the shit out of them.


I love this picture of myself. Seriously. That was a great summer. I was going through a huge Jessica Simpson phase too. Ah… Newlyweds, loved that show.


Not a great showing from nine years ago (GASP!). I’m highly sensitive to the arm pit fat here. But, we went to Hawaii last summer and I’m not sure my arms saw the light of day.

It’s probably been about two years though that I wouldn’t dare be caught in a sleeveless shirt without some sort of sweater. A little has to do with the slight case of lymphedema I’ve developed from my 2008 breast cancer surgery but A LOT has to do with the general squishiness that my arms have become. Years ago, I would sometimes get a glimpse of cellulite on my arms in certain lighting. I’ve come to realize it’s not really the lighting.

I’ve been working out with a trainer at the gym for a couple of weeks now. I laughed uncomfortably as I told her one of my short term goals is to get into a tank top before June 1st. We talked specifically about workout wear but if I can wear a tank to the gym, I’m damn sure wearing one to the grocery store!

You should see most of the women at my gym. I mean, totally adorable Lululemon exercise tanks. I die. I want to wear one so badly. A friend I workout with often says I should just suck it up and wear one if I want to. I’m tempted because…it’s the GYM! But, I just can’t. Cheesy arms, arm pit fat, and those flabby wing things. Yeah, not happening. Yet.

So, I’ve set the goal. Tank top by June 1st. I got a little birthday gift card saved as incentive to splurge on a brand new workout tank from Lucy. I am love this Yoga Flow Tank (I  have the same pants pictured!) and this Heart Center Cami (which will probably never happen for a busty girl like myself, but…)

I can’t help but browse my old stand by – Old Navy. I love, love, love this striped racerback with white pants. A perfect So Cal summer outfit. Or this Gap burnout tank with shorts. Adore.

Wish me luck. I’m hoping to show off my hard work come June. Now, off to do some bicep curls to get myself some tank top arms.

This is a non-sponsored post. I am simply a shopper of Lucy, Lululemon, Gap, and Old Navy and that’s the extent of our relationship,


  1. Go girl! You’ll see the best results if you do a combo of weights and cardio (i’m sure your trainer is on this) BUT I do agree with your friend, just wear a tank! Own it! You look great just as you are. XO

  2. You can do it Wendy! And start wearing the lululemon tank now. Love the you in the gym tank top now because you are brave and taking on this challenge. Then you will love the you with your tank top arms even more once you get there. Besides, you have to see your arms when you are doing bicep curls so that you can see how the muscles are working and getting stronger. Quick tip: Do 10 push ups a night while you are watching your favorite show…it helps with that armpit area and overall shape of your arms and shoulders. (Start with just 10 girl push ups if you have to.) Good luck!

  3. I love your determination and that you’re looking to yourself for inspiration. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when we see pictures of beautiful bodies all around us. But you know that you can rock a tank, because you have before! Cheering you on from this coast!

  4. You are awesome just the way you are but I’m definitely cheering for you!

  5. I love all these pictures of you! Kick some tank top ass, girl!

  6. Leslie J says:

    Ahh tank top weather. And here you are promoting flash giveaways for starbucks gift cards, not nice, j/k. When you find out great exercises for the arm flab, please do share. I should be a medium size at best and since chemo, menopause, etc. I am wearing xl, I hate it. Your pictures are amazing!

  7. See you at the gym next week!!!

  8. Love this post! You can do it. I agree – rock it at the gym 🙂


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