Weekly Chatter: Mending Fences

My very favorite readers have spoken! The weekly brain dump stays, for now.

And thank goodness, because I commissioned the super-talented and very funny Jessi Sanfilippo from SHUGGILIPPO to whip up an image to go with my Weekly Chatter series. I’m all sorts of in love with it and she totally nailed my hair, don’t you think? Even my crazy cowlick at the part line.


So, let’s get into it.

My husband made it home from China. You can’t even imagine the relief I felt when I got the text that he landed. And the panic that set in because he caught a different flight and was getting home a whole six hours earlier than I had planned for. I wanted the house clean, the refrigerator stocked and a welcome sign to greet him. We managed the sign.


The mission was to keep him awake and active until his normal bedtime so we spent most of the afternoon at the Irvine Spectrum. Over lunch, he shared his spring break adventures. I was surprised to hear how much he really enjoyed his time there. He was able to visit (and hold!) a panda at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. They also visited the Great Wall, The Palace Museum in the Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square. I was floored to learn about what he ate. When in Rome, I guess.

china collage

great wall of china

Back to school also meant back to the gym. I had taken 10 days off from working out, which is really stupid. I have plenty of exercise DVDs and weights at home that I could have easily used during that time off. Instead, I did nothing and I paid for it royally on Monday. I’m working hard on #ProjectTankTop. And because it was nearly 90 degrees here on Monday, I decided to wear a work out tank to the gym. It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it would be. I guess it just takes ripping off the Bandaid. Oh, oh! I also got two compliments about weight loss this week. The bi-weekly workouts with the trainer is paying off! Now, if I can clean up my diet, I might really see some changes. :: throws out Easter candy::


Pass the eye cream. Those are some serious crows feet happening there. #nofilter #obviously

The hard workouts are definitely helping with my stress level. Thankfully, we secured a new speaker for Girls’ Lunch Out this week and I’ve been doing everything to put together great swag and door prizes for those who are attending. We’re pumped about all the cool brands and sponsors helping to make this event great. I’m planning on a long ass massage come May 6th.


I picked up Jennie Garth’s new memoir last week. It was slow to start but picked up quickly once she started talking about her ten years on 90210. I’m almost done and feeling super critical about it (which pains me, for real). First, it’s not nearly as funny or as good as Tori Spelling’s first book “sTori Telling.” Second, it doesn’t have any flow to it. Each chapter reads like individual essays and the same stories overlap in several of the chapters. And finally, only a crazy 90210 fan like myself would be hypersensitive to the inaccurate time line she’s presented. She wrote about being pregnant with her first daughter and how she worried about telling the producers because how would they be able to include a pregnancy into the story line of an “underage” high schooler. Um? Kelly Taylor was in her third year of college the time Jennie Garth was pregnant. She also goes into detail about shooting a scene for “a prom or dance of some sort” and being hugely pregnant and again referring to being a high school student. Editing fail. And yes, I realize how dorky all of this makes me. But, West Beverly should not be referred to as Beverly High! Gah!

The season finale of Parenthood aired this week and it was the episode I saw filmed the day I visited the set. Of the two scenes I saw filmed that day, only one made the episode. The one that was cut was between Camille and Julia. They were packing up the house (yes, I knew the Braverman house was indeed being sold and everyone that day was bummed out about the inevitable tear down of that particular set). Anyway, Julia got a call about Victor’s speech and runs outside. What we saw on the actual episode was only Julia running outside to tell Victor the good news. I think I’ll write a follow piece to my day on the set later this week where I can spill the details I’ve known for weeks now.

We spent both days this weekend doing a little work in our backyard. We’ve buried our head in the sand since the fall and it shows. The biggest problem I see are the wooden fences between our house and both of our neighbors’ houses. The bottoms have completely rotted out, they lean awkwardly and are mostly kept standing by the bushes that run along the fence line. You would think we would have had these replaced years ago except there might have been an incident between a new neighbor and a very pregnant and very hormonal crazy lady.

backyard fence

We’ve tried repairing what we can but you can’t put syrup on shit and call it pancakes – as my husband likes to say. So all of our big landscaping ideas aren’t activated on because we have this crappy fence to look at. It starts with the fence – or talking with the neighbor – about the fence before we can do anything else. Until then, I dream about a backyard like these:

Love this hydrangea path and the vegetation in this secret garden nook. I absolutely love the feeling this outdoor space gives me. I might kill for this California room. We’d even entertain the idea of a small backyard pool.

That’s it for this week. My intention is to actually write other content during the week but it just didn’t happen this week and I’m ok with that.


  1. TOTALLY stealing this – “you canā€™t put syrup on shit and call it pancakes”. Also, bummed about the Jenni Garth book.

  2. Kind of bummed about the Jenni Garth book. I do remember her being pregnant while filming some event that was dance like, but was definitely NOT in high school. I remember her getting in an elevator with Brandon in a red dress and being noticeably pregnant. Weird the details that stick with you, right?

  3. Ahhhh, I LOVE parenthood. The whole Julia and Joel saga this season has me in tears every week! Occasionally my husband pops in and watches a few minutes and leaves after asking why I insist on watching shows that make me cry. Men will just never understand šŸ˜‰


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