What Does Your Mother’s Day Look Like?

Did you know that the woman who got Mother’s Day recognized as a national holiday spent the whole second part of her life trying to get it removed from the calendar? Apparently, she wasn’t happy about the commercialization of the day and openly campaigned against those who profited from the holiday.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

This mom likes commercialization in the form of flowers, cards and candy. I also really like the sounds of peace and quiet and a little R&R to recharge this tired mom’s battery.

What does your perfect Mother’s Day look like?

On Sunday, May 11th, I would love to sleep in (my husband would argue that I get to sleep in every Sunday…he might be right). Regardless, I want to sleep in and not feel guilty about doing so. When I decide it’s time to get up, I want to be surrounded by my loves. My little girl would present me a handmade card and some flowers she picked herself. My husband wouldn’t be far behind with a hot Starbucks coffee they ran out to get while I slept. The dogs will have been fed, the dishwasher emptied and a load of laundry started. Again, my husband will insist this is a typical Sunday morning in our house.

We’ll get dressed and head out for a walk around Balboa Island. Now this is exactly how we spent the morning of my very first Mother’s Day and it has become somewhat of a little tradition for us. We’ll walk and talk as we make our way around the perimeter of the island, coffees in hand, stopping to admire the bayside mansions and dreaming of someday. We’ll kick off our flip flops for an impromptu foot dip into the water and decide we need more coffee and a cinnamon roll.


I’ll drop my two loves off at home and set out to recharge.

A little quiet time goes a long way for me. I start finding that I crave alone time especially after weeks of feeling frazzled and pulled in different directions. A marathon mani/pedi or an hour massage is just what I need to reset. I learned a few years ago that taking time for yourself like this is really important to your overall wellbeing and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. I wish I could implement this idea on other days of the year, not just one that celebrate me.

The evening would be time for extended family. Sounds of laughter and chatter over a great meal (not prepared by me…which most usually aren’t). I’ll bask in the snuggles from my little one as she sits on my lap and I play with her hair. Our day wraps with tucking my sweet girl in her bed, recounting the day and reading from her favorite book. I’ll sneak downstairs, grab a glass of wine and scroll through Facebook as my husband watches “Game of Thrones.”

Does your perfect Mother’s Day look anything like mine?

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This post is NON-SPONSORED which means I was not compensated to write this. This post appears as a courtesy to my friends at Elements Massage Costa Mesa and Clover PR. All opinions are my own. Plus, I’m super serious when I say I need a massage, dear husband…so I hope you’re reading this!


  1. Your Mother’s Day sounds amazing. Mine is always a lot busier than that.

  2. I want your family for Mother’s Day because that sounds lovely. We typically do brunch and I fully plan to make my family take a family photo that will probably end up with at least one screaming kid. But I’m trying and we’re together and that’s what counts. Right?

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