Weekly Chatter: Pasta Induced Coma

Last week I was riding a roller coaster of anxiety and panic which thankfully subsided late Sunday afternoon after tearing through a take out container of fried cheese and penne. I think I might have also shoveled in a 4×4 square of tiramisu before passing out on my couch for three hours.

It’s my weekly brain dump and it’s two days late…so, let’s get into it.


I had convinced myself that I needed an outfit for last Sunday’s Girls’ Lunch Out. Yes, the event luncheon I co-hosted that turned me into a I-need-a-new- outfit-and-a-gel-manicure-and-my-roots-done and OMG! I just broke out with the biggest cold sore known to man kind of girl. I didn’t get a new outfit because when did one-piece jumpsuits become so popular? So many times, I was like “cute maxi dress!” and nope. It was a flipping dress with pants. I went with a blouse and dark denim and the most uncomfortable shoes in the world. Don’t waste your money, ladies.

Not a maxi dress.

Not a maxi dress.

Shopping for clothes though is no more enjoyable than it was when I was 5 lbs. fatter. Yeah, that’s about all I’ve lost after working out with my awesome trainer. My body is definitely changing though. I can feel it, I can even see it. But, trying on summer shorts? Not even close to being there yet. You can’t out exercise a crappy diet. Did I write that last week? Anyway, I’m on day #4 of the Whole Life Challenge and cutting the processed food, sugar and carbs isn’t really that hard. As long as I meal plan and eat breakfast. For the record, I officially started the Paleo-heavy challenge after I woke from my pasta induced coma.

Beyond the luncheon was a whole lot of other stuff last week:

My quarterly oncologist appointment where I asked if she had patients who had never had a recurrence. She thought I was being ridiculous and said “OF COURSE! Haven’t you met any?” — Well, I have: Mary and Cathy. I just needed some reassurance that everything was status quo. It was.

Tuesday I had a PTSD flashback to being a tween with a very impatient parental unit. I had to go to my daughter’s school to pick up some stuff she needed for an event she was participating in. Swarms of parents with pointy elbows and little consideration for others. I was slightly irritated with everyone that afternoon and then WHAMMO! FLASHBACK! to my own youth where I sat in a similar room with my dad’s now ex-wife who was the original poster child for Resting Bitch Face. I so desperately just wanted her to keep her cool that day and not embarrass me in front of new potential friends and their adoring moms. Yikes. Just smile, Wendy…keep smiling.

I learned this week that my daughter wants to be a “queen bee.” I also learned this week that if “a child is consistently referred to as a queen bee and treated in a certain manner as a result, the child internalizes a negative core belief – ‘I’m controlling, that’s who I am.’ If we stop labeling and flip the script we can empower young children to channel their individual strengths into positive interactions with others.” Many thanks to Katie Hurley for validating my instincts. More on this subject in the coming weeks!

Oh yeah, I also made these flower arrangements and I’m sort of in love with the romantic look of the jute twine and roses.


Five things I’m currently excited about:

1. These Power Crunch bars. Remember those Neapolitan wafer cookies from your childhood? That plus protein. I love the vanilla ones! (this is totally NON sponsored!)

2. Headlights by Eminem featuring Nate Ruess. Props to my husband for playing the song for me but man…those are some heartbreaking lyrics. I’m not sure if they are heartbreaking to everyone or just this girl with the mommy issues.

3. This incredible post by Sarah James of Whoorl.com. Sarah was our speaker at Girls’ Lunch Out and ended her presentation with the advice to “Be the Lighthouse.” Good stuff here, people.

4. Episode #523: Death and Taxes on the This American Life podcast. I cleaned house and cried my eyes out as the author explored hospice care.

5. Another 90210 memoir! Jason Priestley just released his own and apparently it’s got the nitty gritty details that were lacking in the Jennie Garth memoir. Here’s to hoping he gets the timeline correct!

All and all, lots of great things came from the week but I am sure glad it’s over. Lots of stuff brewing in terms of new posts including one I’ve been sitting on for some time about female friendships. Thanks for hanging.


  1. Love this post – my brain feels like the brain dump image every day. When will it get simpler?! Still on a high from your great event. And I am so glad you warned us about the jumpsuits. Don’t be fooled. Tell me how the Whole Foods challenge goes. Sarah had me inspired at the luncheon…might just have to give it a try!

    • wendy nielsen says:

      Thanks, Jen! So glad you were able to attend the lunch! I will certainly keep you posted on the food challenge. So far, so good.

  2. I love all of this! I too had the is it a maxi/is it a romper? thought a million times while shopping. Stupid clothes. I’m gonna need that Jason Priestly book STAT.

  3. I love the term “brain dump” and seriously, one piece jumpsuits are SO STUPID!! I do not want to get naked to go to the bathroom. No thank you.

    ps. stick with the fitness. Body changing>weight loss. ALWAYS. Don’t worry about the numbers

  4. You did a fabulous job with GLO and looked super cute. Throw away those effing shoes, though.

  5. Love these posts. Thanks for the PSA that Tory Burch flats are uncomfortable! Also… my personal training resulted in only 5 pounds less too. boo. My trainer said that it’s not about the pounds and that will come, but that’s sort of like telling a bride it’s good luck when it rains on her wedding day. I don’t want to hear that. I wish knee-length bathing suits were a thing.

  6. Love the brain dump! So fun to read. And – you did a great job on the flower arrangement – so creative! Keep the brain dumps coming!

  7. Have I ever told you about the time I met Jason Priestley’s cousin? Remind me to.

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