Trying To Decide Which 90210 Memoir to Buy? Here’s Your Answer.

Last week, a friend posted on my Facebook timeline that Jason Priestley was on Good Morning America. Actually, it read “Jason Priestley on GMA…Be still my heart!” Can you believe that 30-something old women who watched 90210 nearly twenty years ago are still fawning over Brandon Walsh? Or were you a Dylan McKay kind-of-girl?


The mullet tells me this photo is from season one of 90210

I had forgotten there were plans for Jason Priestley to publish a memoir. The book had gotten a lot of early hype for being a tell all. It also comes on the heels of Jennie Garth’s memoir Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde. Both books were very similar, in fact, the authors shared several of the same infamous 90210 stories. However, Priestley’s book was a page turner while I limped into the final chapter of Garth’s book. Did I even finish it? I can’t remember.

What I loved about it:

He dished the dirt on Doherty! He told stories about her diva antics but was also very complimentary about her professional acting skills. Priestley went into a chapter’s worth of detail about how she burned chance after chance with Aaron Spelling and how in the end she was canned for her habitual tardiness which ultimately affected production. He drew a lot of parallels with a lesson he learned as a child actor – everyone is replaceable and the show must go on.


I think I remember this photo being featured in Entertainment Weekly.

I was tripping over the names he dropped throughout the entire book: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Bradley Cooper. I almost felt sorry for him because those actors have totally eclipsed him in star power but they were all buddies at one time or another.

He wrote at length about his first encounter with Tori Spelling’s now husband, Dean McDermott (we all know how that’s going, right?) and what a jerk he was. The most sensational story from the book that is making big headlines is that Tori sold Jason’s wedding invitation with her autograph for $5 at a yard sale.

He also talked about regret. Priestley wrote that he should have never left the show before it ended and that 90210 should have concluded with Brandon and Kelly being together. I guess the Brandon-Kelly-Dylan triangle is still up for debate in 2014.


Who else can remember what happened in the episode where Brandon and Steve take care of that baby? Leave me a comment…I’m dying to know if I’m the only 90210 dork around.

It wasn’t all 90210 but it certainly didn’t disappoint this fan. I really enjoyed reading about his friendships and girlfriends and the details of his near fatal car crash. I appreciated his transparency about drinking and drugs and how becoming a father totally changed his life. If you’re conflicted on which 90210 memoir to pick up – Jason Priestley’s book is the one to get.

Which 90210 actor would you like to see write a memoir next? I’m thinking Shannen Doherty. How about you?

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  1. I’ll most likely never read this book, but I did just very much enjoy your recap. Hmm. Maybe it’s in my library? Anyhow, very enjoyable Post! Thanks for the dish on his stories.

  2. I’m buying the ebook. Right this minute.

  3. I WATCHED 9 OH 2 1 OH TOO! Except I was probably 9 or 10…and barely spoke a word of English. Lol. And no…I don’t remember the baby episode. Haha.

    I’d like one from Shannen Doherty too, hear her side of the story and what changed her. She looks so nice! (There’s a CPA at my church who looks a lot like her except she’s asian.)


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