June Favorites

The blogging well has been a little dry lately. Regular readers might have noticed I only posted once last week and it was a guest post for my Female Friendship series! Summer fun has definitely thrown a wrench into my regularly scheduled programming. My friend Megan keeps telling me to link up to the Favorite Things Party hosted by Erika and Andrea. So, this my friends, is my list of favorite things right now that are under $10.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links which means I get a small piece of the pie when you purchase any of the items I’ve linked to. It does not change your Amazon shopping experience, including the price. My Amazon income pays to keep this blog running – thank you!

1. I just started reading Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford. I’ve committed to making a few changes this summer including moving my laptop computer from the kitchen island to somewhere else. It’s such a distraction! I constantly feel like I’m missing out on something happening on the internet so I get sucked into the endless rotation of checking FB, Twitter, IG, email, blog comments and back again. This book has already helped me put some very important things in perspective.


2. I picked up a mojito mint plant at my local nursery last weekend. I’ve been using a ton of mint lately to make fruit infused water. I love how fragrant it is and this simple little plant makes for such a nice gift. Plus, it just makes me happy.


3. I have the most hideous shade of purple nail polish on my toes right now. It’s too cool and too blue. I spotted Urban Jungle from Essie while browsing the cosmetic aisles at Walgreens (yes, I have a huge drugstore addiction). I’ve been drawn to this shade of polish mostly because I always seen Jennifer Aniston wearing this sort of soft white on her toes and I love it. Urban Jungle might be a little too grey but I still love it.


4. Obsessed with LaCroix. Obsessed. This carbonated water helped break me from my soda addiction last summer. It’s calorie, sweetener, and sodium free and it’s awesome. Target had a ton of new flavors and you can see I stocked up. Someone recently told me about carbonated water and how it erodes tooth enamel. Damn, is everything good bad for you or what? Want to come over for a water?


5. These lavender lemonade candles are pretty heavenly. I got them at Target. Have you seen the candle aisle at Target? It’s a wonderland of awesomeness and I couldn’t leave without 18 new candles for my home. Do you burn candles during the summer? It seems wrong but with these fresh fragrances, it makes it right.


What are your favorite things right now? Reading a good book? Find a new drink recipe? Listening to a great podcast? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!


  1. The Target candle aisle is GOOD right now! We bought a ton there recently. The island coconut is awesome for summer.

  2. I have been dying to grow mint but I love the idea of a full plant already in bloom! Great idea and so pretty in the kitchen.

  3. Thanks so much for linking up!! I LOVED your list!! That book is in my closet just WAITING to be read!! I also love that Essie polish!

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