The Interesting Thing About Female Friendships: Internet Friends

Internet friendships are real, y’all. Stephanie Totty from Froggy and the Mouse shares her experience. And PS…I got to neck-hug this girl last summer!

Female Friendships

Let’s all just take a moment to think about how the Internet has changed our lives.

The good:
I no longer have to own an encyclopedia (or dust it).
I no longer have to write recipes down only to lose them by the next time I want to cook.
I no longer have to hoard phone books and receive paper cuts when I try to find the phone number for a decent plumber.
Email is 5,831x faster than writing a legit letter.
Memes are better than the Family Circus ever was.

The bad:
Computer viruses.
Idiots now have a platform for the entire world to hear them through (::cough::MattWalsh::cough::).
Pop up ads.
Anonymity no longer exists for most of us.

When I was growing up, I was an Airforce brat. Our family moved a LOT – as in, I went to three different high schools over the course of four years. I’m the very definition of an extrovert, so meeting new friends wasn’t all that difficult – but staying in touch with them once we moved absolutely was. Oh, how things would have been easier if the Internet had been around in 1990. If when I had moved from the US to the UK I had been able to land the plane and hop on Facebook to announce to all of my left-behind buddies, “Just landed in London – I miss you guys!” and have them all comment back and tell me how much they missed me too, but to “have fun!” and “hope you meet prince Harry!” … my entire outlook of my dad dragging me around the world would have been completely different.

I would have to say the Internet has changed my life the most (for the good) by connecting to me to some truly amazing women that I otherwise would never have met, or even known they existed. Especially since the birth of my first son, and since I started my blog, the Internet has helped me connect with and form fierce friendships with some of my now closest friends. Some of these women it took me years to finally meet in person, and some of which I still haven’t had the pleasure to neck-hug … but we’ll get there, I promise.

The interesting thing about female friendships is that women are so fiercely loyal that they don’t even have to be physically present to make an impact in someone’s life. These are women who helped coax me through the sleepless nights of newborn-hood on Facebook. Who cheered me on through breastfeeding in online forums. Who offered advice and support on lost jobs through emails. They’ve shared my victories, they’ve watched my kids grow, and they’ve laughed at my snarky one-liners. They didn’t live next door to me, they couldn’t hug me, but they were there. They were present in my life, and they made (make) all the difference.

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  1. Totty, you just spoke my heart. I love love love my internet friends. I’d for sure be lost without them. And it’s not just blogging. I feel like a lot of my Internet friends are more reliable than my IRL friends, even if I only see them once a year. Thank you for speaking my heart.

  2. You had me at Matt Walsh. And pretty much everything else.

  3. I am just loving this series. Can I say that enough? The internet is gold for forming and keeping connections. And women are quite dedicated, aren’t they? In times of need, I hope onto my favourite pages and platforms, and almost always get what I need to hear.

    Once while waiting for test results, I tweeted that I was scared and dreaded hospitals. A doctor tweeted me back and said that was okay, they scared her too sometimes. It was the perfect bit of reassurance at the perfect moment. And that’s just one of many stories I could share.

  4. I love that the internet connects us in ways we never though possible. I’m better friends with kids from high school than I ever was because I talk to them constantly online. I really believe that there is nothing better than hopping online to see that someone from your past has reached out to say hi or hang in there…


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