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My six year old loves to read and to be read to. But with summer, her regular bedtime routine has been completely obliterated since I promised she could play outside until dusk. In So Cal, that’s right around 8:00pm and after a shower and brushing teeth, bedtime looks a lot like lights out.

We’ve been trying to make our way through a summer reading list, sneaking in a few chapters between running errands and afternoons at the pool. I pinned this No Sew Elastic Bookmark craft from Thirty Handmade Days months ago and knew it was exactly what we needed to bookmark the 800 books she’s currently making her way through.

headband bookmark

If I’m being honest, I pinned the bookmark craft and never looked at it again. Raise your hand if you do that to. That’s the whole point of these Adventures in Pinterest posts – to go back through my Pinterest boards and actually make a project I’ve pinned. Anyway, I knew the bookmarks would be super easy to make. I grabbed a couple of elastic headbands on clearance at Old Navy and way too many buttons from the craft store.

cropped buttons

The problem with not looking at the original pin again was that I didn’t realize I would need flat elastic headbands. I got the ones that are knotted off. It works but what the heck do you do with the knotted part? I moved the knot to the back of the book but then the book doesn’t lay flat or stack nicely with a set. Whatever. You could move it to the top and give your book at mohawk too. I like the idea that I the knotted elastic head bands can be adjusted for thinner or thicker books, too.


Fun, right? The bonus here is that my daughter really likes to wear headbands in her hair and these totally double as an accessory. Not my original plan, but why not?

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  1. These are super cute! I kind of want to make some for me! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love these! And our summer evening routine is identical to yours (late nights = no reading at bedtime). The reading list looks the same too!

  3. I love these! Such a cute idea!!

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