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Megan and I have been making videos for our YouTube channel – Long Story Short – now for about six weeks. We crack up like crazy and it’s become quite a production on the days we record. I’m talking lots of lighting, microphones and wardrobe changes. Admittedly, we’re still trying to figure out what is working.

We’re also playing around with content, too. We want to always offer some sort of takeaway and right now we’re throwing a lot of different things out there to see what sticks, what does well, and if we riff well over the subject matter.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our super fancy set up. Yes, I think that’s the entire Harry Potter collection that we use to hold our iPhone tripod. You know what? It works.

A behind the scenes look and recap of the October episodes of Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy, a YouTube channel for moms.

If you aren’t a subscriber to our YouTube channel, here’s what you missed in October! New videos go up every Monday and we’ve been throwing up a bonus video on Fridays!

Fall Beauty Favorites

Megan and I share our favorite products for fall. This was the VERY first episode we recorded (though not shared until early October) and didn’t realize the amount of lipstick and lipgloss one should wear to be considered “camera ready.” Megan talks mascara and hair products while I share my new favorite eyeshadow, liquid foundation and sunscreen.

Popsugar vs. FabFitFun Subscription Box Throwdown

I’m new to the subscription box game while Megan knows her beauty boxes. In this episode, we open and reveal what the October Popsugar and the fall FabFitFun boxes held, respectively. Someone got the better box and it wasn’t me. We also got our first thumbs down rating on this video. Pfft…whatever.

Mom Dilemmas

In this episode, we each present a couple of “mom dilemmas” and ask each other for advice. We talk about funky Facebook relationships, when someone disciplines your child…in front of you, and feeling responsible for other kids at school. This was one of my favorite episodes and we have plans to do more “mom dilemma” in the hopes that viewers will share their own dilemmas and we’ll give our unqualified opinions on the matter.

See’s Candies Lollypop Taste Test!

Ok, we laughed so hard shooting this episode. I’m certain See’s Candies will never want to work with us because we were brutally honest about their new lollypop flavors and it brought Megan to tears. A viewer told us we looked most comfortable in this episode — I agree! Definitely the most fun to shoot so far.

All About Megan

Get to know Megan in this episode of questions and confessions. She shared some straight up scandalous answers I would have never expected from her. Megan also writes a blog called MamaBub.

Russell Stover Candies Taste Test!

Ok, so taste testing on camera is a lot of fun. And Megan is the candy queen who thought it’d be fun to try out the new crazy flavors Russell Stover made for their traditional chocolate pumpkins. Our yin and yang personalities are totally obvious in this episode.

Trader Joe’s Haul

Haul videos are crazy popular on YouTube so we thought we’d make one from one of our regular stops – Trader Joe’s. Who doesn’t love their cookie butter and maple leaf cookies? Check out what else we picked up. And I think I left my frozen groceries at Megan’s house that day.

We’d love for you to subscribe to Long Story Short, if that’s something you do. We’d also love a thumbs up rating after you watch the video…it really helps get us promoted by YouTube, plus it let’s us know if you like that episode or not.


  1. Well *I* think we’re hilarious. Pretty sure I’m our own biggest fan.

  2. You’re both really charming – and it’s so lovely to see you speaking and reacting, Wendy – adds a great new dimension to the blogging. Very well done ladies! I’m off to catch up on that lollipop episode that I didn’t see yet. (I’ve been doing a little vlogging as well over on Youtube.com/shasharables. It’s a good challenge.)


    • wendy nielsen says:

      Thanks, Catherine! This project is fun and pushes me to do things I’d rather not typically do. But I’m having a blast doing it! Off to check out your channel!

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