RECAP! This Week on Long Story Short

Megan and I have been cranking out videos for our YouTube channel, Long Story Short.

In fact, we recorded four new ones earlier this week and Megan declared that we were “on point” followed by a string of hand clapping and festive party hat emojis. Of course this was all via text because real life hand clapping and party hats would just be ridiculous! Ridiculously awesome.

Sparkling Water Taste Test

Taste test videos might be our favorites to record. No brand is ever going to want to work with us because we simply cannot fake our way through these things.

Anyway, in this video we try Target’s Simply Balanced line of sparkling waters. We both have used carbonated water as a crutch to quit soda — and it works. But let me tell you…skip the Simply Balanced blueberry water because it smells like dirty socks.

A side note: my makeup is hideous in this video. If only one can put an Instagram filter on a YouTube video. Or, if I could get my face professionally made up. Or, if I could learn how to do my own makeup. Or, well…you get it.


From some corner of the internet, some yahoo made up a very long list of questions Megan and I felt compelled to answer. Settle in because this video is a long one even though we try to keep up a rapid fire pace. But really? No one needs to see me recite my favorite quote that Megan thinks should be embroidered on a pillow. A very big pillow. Like one of those body pillows.

A new video is up today too! It’s all about Thanksgiving and we’re talking turkey…well, we’re mostly talking about sides. And by sides we mean you better not be serving up green bean casserole.

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A quick blogging note…things will be a little quiet here on the blog during November and December with the exception of Long Story Short recaps and videos and previous sponsored commitments. There might be a random post here or there but for the most part this mama is on a short hiatus.

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