RECAP! Gobble, Gobble and 99 Mom Problems

Yesterday was the first Thursday in a lot of weeks that Megan and I didn’t get together to record videos for Long Story Short. But, the ideas keep coming and the subject list keeps growing so we’ll have a lot to work on next week when we get together.

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On Monday, Megan and I talked turkey. We each answered ten questions about Thanksgiving in yet another TAG video. A friend asked me last weekend what a TAG video is and basically it just means that we’re supposed to “tag” someone else in hopes they’ll answer the same questions. I guess it’s like a YouTube thing or something. Anyway, watch here and tell me what you think I told Megan we had to cut out! Did she actually cut it or leave it in?

99 Mom Problems

Well, not really 99 problems but we got TWO! Two viewers left us their mom dilemmas and we dished our very best and totally unqualified advice on the respective matters. First up was a question about how to get a picky eater to eat without getting railroaded. Megan has all the answers here because…well, my kid is a good eater. The second question was if you should stand up to your Mother-In-Law over discipline or lose you shit to your husband because it’s his mom and therefore his problem to handle. Eek… that one was sticky!

We’d love for you to submit your mom dilemma! We’ll be recording another round in the coming weeks and could possibly make this a recurring series if the questions keep coming in! Email to or tweet us at @mamabub or @wendy_nielsen!

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If you click over this morning, you’ll find Megan and I taste testing another See’s Candies product. Jesus, you’d think they were paying us…but they aren’t. We do this stuff for free.

Final notes: I’m still on my short blogging and social media hiatus though I’ve been writing the most awesome blog posts — in my head — and hope they’ll make it here in the coming weeks.

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