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Last weekend I was out early doing some holiday shopping. I scrolled through my phone and sipped on coffee as I waited for the stores to open at my local outdoor shopping center. As they rushed by, two tween girls excitedly told another early bird that they were there for some sort of meet and greet. Hmm…my interest was piqued so I followed them. Tween girls sure do walk fast. Thankfully a cute puppy dog caught their eye and I was able to catch up. We took a sharp left at the carousel and there back behind Forever 21 was the end of a very long line. The two girls I followed there blended in with every other tween girl. I stood there dumbfounded as I looked for someone my own age that I could approach. Finally, a mom! I asked what the line was for. She told me it was for Bethany Mota. I nodded and replied “the YouTube girl?”

Bethany Mota has 7.8 million YouTube subscribers and it appeared every tween from Orange County was there to meet her.

Megan and I? We’re killing it with 89 subscribers. Eighty-nine.

I texted Megan.

ME: “There is a line of at least 2K people waiting to see Bethany Mota.”
MEGAN: “Sonofab#&@h!”

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Blogging side note: I’m still in my blogging slumber and will be until the end of the year.


  1. Eighty nine is excellent for a show as new as yours, I reckon. But a mall filled with twins? That is living the dream! 😉

  2. Tweens, I meant tweens. Maybe a mall filled with tween twins would be even better, though. . .

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