Top 5 Crime Dramas and a Netflix Giveaway!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER. Thanks to Netflix for allowing me to be part of their #StreamTeam! Without their generosity, this awesome giveaway wouldn’t be possible! As always, all opinions are my own.

Did you catch the final episode of Serial? If you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about, I command you to download the podcast app on your iPhone and search Serial Podcast. You’ll find 12 weeks of I-CAN’T-GET-ENOUGH storytelling about a man serving a life sentence for a murder he may or may not have committed. It’s true crime perfection — if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you did listen, and if you’re anything like me, you might be looking to fill that serialized crime drama need you’re having. Lucky for you, I have a list of my TOP five favorite crime mysteries that you can binge into until Serial returns in 2015. PLUS I have a GREAT Netflix giveaway that will get you streaming all year long!

Top 5 NETFLIX Crime Drama Series

1. The Killing

A friend recommended this series by saying it’s a “terrible title but a great show” and I agree. The series follows two Seattle detectives as they investigate the homicides. The series originally aired on AMC but was canceled after season two. AMC picked up the series again after a deal with Netflix and aired season three. Season four – the final season – aired exclusively on Netflix. I’m currently mid season three and it’s taken a very dark turn from seasons one and two. This is good stuff and I hate that it’s only a total of 44 episodes.

2. The Following

The Following stars Kevin Bacon as an ex-FBI agent who is trying to recapture a serial killer who has been released from prison and now has a cult of like minded lemmings out in the world doing equally horrible things. Seasons one and two are available on to stream on Netflix while season three is scheduled for March 2015 on FOX.

3. Damages

Damages is an Emmy Award winning series starring Glenn Close, Ted Danson and Rose Byrne. Damages originally aired on FX and then on DirectTV for five seasons. Admittedly, I only watched season one back in 2007 but it was phenomenal, especially the timeline of how the season unfolds. All 58 episodes are available and I’ll be diving in again after I finish The Killing.

4. Dexter

Eight seasons, nominated for 23 Emmy Awards, Michael C. Hall. I mean, do I need to say anymore?

5. Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a British drama that originally aired on BBC One earlier this year. The story is about Catherine – a police sergeant and mother – who is dealing with the suicide of her daughter. Convinced her daughter’s rapist was the reason for the suicide, she becomes obsessed with investigating him and learns he’s involved with kidnapping. This show gets lots of praise for being gritty but unfortunately we have to wait until 2015 for season two.


Netflix giveaway 2015


Tell me in the comments below what series you’ll be watching (it doesn’t have to be a crime drama series, it could be all 10 seasons of Friends or the all-new original All Hail King Julien). I’ll pick ONE winner randomly!

You can watch Netflix instantly from any internet connected device that offers the Netflix app (such as a phone or tablet, gaming console, etc. see devices here) or from your PC or Mac.

Open to U.S. only, one winner will be chosen. You are entering to win a gift card from Netflix to stream entertainment. Devices (as described above) are not part of this giveaway. Gift card will be mailed within one week of confirming winner. ENDS 12/24/14.


  1. As much as I would love to binge watch something I haven’t seen before, I can almost guarantee I will take a complete weekend in January and celebrate my big 4-0 watching FRIENDS from the beginning.

  2. I am currently watching CSI and Criminal Minds. Also on my list is Gilmore girls…love it!

  3. We are watching Dexter now and then we’re finally going to watch Breaking Bad to fill the void until House of Cards comes back in February!

  4. Right now, I’m watching Monarch of the Glen, but Call the Midwife was awesome and totally re-watchable. (I’m on a total British streak with my viewing right now.)

  5. I have to catch up on The Vampire Diaries. I’m an entire season behind. Going from netflix only to cable & Netflix has been an adjustment

  6. I would binge watch “Once Upon a Time.” I have already binged on “Grey’s Anatomy” and I’m on Season 5 of “Breaking Bad.” I love Netflix, a gift card would be awesome!

  7. Shari Bonnin says:

    Dying to binge watch Orange is the New Black. Not a crime drama but they did crimes to get in prison, right?

  8. I have been binge watching lots of sci fi stuff like falling skies. But I love crime shows so will check out the ones you named. We don’t have netflix so would love that!

  9. Andrea Kem says:

    I’ll definitely be watching House of Cards from the beginning to prepare for the new season in February! And I can honestly say that I’ve never watched a single episode of the Gilmore Girls and I’m wondering what the big deal is so I’ll be starting that soon.

  10. I can’t wait to watch Friends again! That was a great show!

  11. I would love to catch up on Revenge. I think I’m atleast 20 episodes behind now.

  12. Oooooh… I think I need to binge-watch Dexter. It’s one of those shows people always told me was awesome, but I just missed out.

  13. I love Happy Valley!

  14. Well you KNOW I loved “The Killing.” I’m still in mourning after finishing all four seasons. I think I’m going to binge watch “Breaking Bad” before “House of Cards” comes back in February.

  15. Sheila Hansen says:

    I’ll be watching American Horror Story. I also watch Breaking Bad, I can never get enough! I love House of Cards & Orange is the New Black, can’t wait for new seasons!

  16. We’ve been without cable for quite a while now, and unable to watch much of anything. I know there are a ton of amazing shows available on Netflix, and I need to watch ALL OF THEM! Sadly, what I’ll probably see most of are seasons 1-3 of Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures, because that’s what keeps the peace around here. But, peace is almost as good as a great series, right?!?

  17. I’d love to watch Scandal on Netflix!!!

  18. i would definitely watch all 10 seasons of friends, all the movies I have missed in the theaters, and some cable shows seeing that we don’t have cable!

  19. I watched all seasons of The Walking Dead and would love to start Breaking Bad!

  20. I will be watching House of Cards for sure. Its our favorite!

  21. HOUSE OF CARDS!!!! My husband and I are hooked! So good!

  22. Amber Tinsley says:

    I love shows like Criminal Minds, Bones and Castle. And of course you can’t go wrong with any of the Law and Orders. I love that Netflix also has tons of documentaries. But my viewing habits tend to be more toddler controlled these days.

  23. Supernatural and I am loving it!

  24. I’ve watched the killing so goo but so sad they’ve canceled the show … Also happy valley is a good one and can’t wait for new episodes. Luther is another good one and def recommend it plus Idris Elba is main character so a must watch. Will be watching the following and damages thanks to you’re review and also waiting for the new season of House of cards and Orange is the new black two faves oh and pretty little liars new episodes. I was also thinking on watching house of cards uk so we’ll see.

  25. Courtney Edson says:

    I will be watching Dexter and Burn Notice.

    courtney.edson90 at gmail dot com

  26. “The Killing” was good (if too rainy”), but “Happy Vallley”, that was gripping. A female detective with real life problems, the Yorkshire setting, great acting by all characters – give me gritty everytime.
    (& don’t forget Bletchley Circle, Inspector Morse, the original Broadchurch)
    Big British crime drama fans here! THANKS for Netflix!

  27. I am so behind in all my shows and my DVR is full. The DVR only keeps the last 5 episodes. I told my kids I wanted a subscription for Netflix to watch:
    3. Revenge
    4. ONce Upon a Time
    5. Mom
    6. Big Bang
    8. New Girl.

    Plus more

  28. I need to catch up on Orange is the New Black

  29. I would love to win and binge watch Law & Order svu and Friends.

  30. I need to finish watching Orange is The New Black. I’ve also heard that House of Cards is good. However, I could sit and watch Criminal Minds for days!

  31. Tracie brown says:

    The parenthood series again!

  32. Jessica Bacon says:

    I would rewatch all of the available episodes of How I Met Your Mother…. I know we missed some episodes along the way!

  33. Beth Nichols says:

    I’ll be watching Dexter.

  34. I’d like to watch Once Upon A Time. I’d love to be able to have Netflix!

  35. Arrow 🙂

  36. I want to watch Scandal and Lillehammer. Geez I would even go back to 24 to watch where I left off.

  37. I will watch House MD. So good!

  38. I would definitely be re-watching Parenthood. It is my all-time favorite show. I heard Gilmore Girls was up on Netflix, which means I need to watch all of that again, too!

  39. Christina Hartman says:

    We are currently watching the final season of Dexter. I love it and don’t want it to be over! Thanks for suggesting other series. We’ll have to give them a try. 🙂

  40. Damages! Such a great show and super suspenseful.

  41. The Walking Dead. I’m almost caught up! Also, Happy Valley sounds really interesting.

  42. We are looking forward to watching The House of Cards!

  43. I’ll be watching Breaking Bad. And I LOVED Serial! Erin

  44. Ashley Kolpak says:

    Arrested Development, I love rewatching that show!

  45. I couldn’t possibly pick just one. Criminal Minds, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Doc Martin!!

  46. Honestly, I read recently that Netflix has all of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse so I know I would dive right into a marathon of that!

  47. I have been wanting to try Parks & Recreation and I hear that’s on Netflix

  48. I cannot wait til Friends comes to Netflix- I am counting down the days!!! lol

    Shannon F.

  49. I would watch Gilmore Girls.

  50. Nataly Carbonell says:

    I’ll watch Scandal! ^_^

  51. I would binge watch Orange is the New Black which I haven’t seen yet but would love to!

  52. I am all over The Gilmore Girls being added!! 🙂

  53. Hi Wendy,

    First time responder here. I found your FB page after seeing a post on your blog. It was from 2012. Then I really hoped you were still living so I made it to you page.saw this post with the date on it, and was relieved.

    Anyhow I’d love to get Netflix back

  54. I would binge watch Dexter!

  55. I’d love to watch 30 rock.

  56. Soha MOlina says:

    I will be watching Netflix Original Hemlockgrove.

  57. I would love to watch House of Cards. I’ve heard such good things about it.

  58. I would watch Friends!

  59. I’ll be watching Breaking Bad.

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