Project Mc2 #SmartIsTheNewCool

My daughter likes many things but has a real interest in science. I admire her curiosity for the subject and try to encourage her to explore her passions (remind me I said that when I’m helping with her science project over the holiday break!).

When I saw Netflix was releasing a live action miniseries called Project Mc2 I knew it would be right up her alley. Project Mc2 is about four teenage girls who are recruited into a spy program called NOV8. Their assignment is to help protect a celebrity prince and find the threat that might jeopardize his space shuttle mission. They use a mix of reasoning, chemistry and hokey gadgets to help solve problems.

What I loved about Project Mc2: I really appreciate that each girl had their own individuality but were all equally smart, pretty and quirky. The characters didn’t fall into stereotypes (the smart one, the dumb blonde, the mean girl, etc.).

What I didn’t love about Project Mc2: Girl(s) save boy. It feels too easy. I would instead like to see these characters try to solve larger global issues plus tackle everyday problems kids and tweens often face at school or in life.

Thanks to Netflix for sending us some super fun science experiments and for allowing me to be part of their #StreamTeam this year! Check out my Pinterest board where I’ve pinned similar science experiments for your kids to do.





If your kids enjoy science and adventure and fun, definitely check out Project Mc2 because #SmartIsTheNewCool.


  1. Thanks for the great recommendation! Sophie loves science too and she got super excited when I showed her this promo. Can’t wait to check out a new show on Netflix.

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