Officially Nuts: A Second Blog

megan and wendy blogMegan and I have been making videos over on our YouTube channel – Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy –  for almost 18 months now. It started out as a fun side project considering we both have blogs and lives outside of the internet. But, it turned out being the one thing we liked doing the most.

The past year has been crazy in terms of growth. No, we don’t have a million YouTube subscribers. We actually have less than 1,000 but it’s all relative. We have worked with some great brands, we signed with a multi-channel network, we’ve collaborated with other channels, and we’ve made new friends.

The best part has been that we’ve laughed a lot. We spend at least one morning a week cracking each other up in front of ridiculous lighting and cursing at the camera for always turning off at the 11 minute mark during recording.

When we started we vowed it would just be video. Then we decided we needed an Instagram to help promote the channel. And then Twitter. We finally added a Facebook page to round out the social media insanity.

That was it we said.

Then a regular viewer suggested we needed a blog and we love viewer feedback. So, we created a blog.

What’s great is we are in love with the blog. We embed our new videos there each week plus we add new and additional content almost five days a week.

So friends, I invite you to come over to Megan and Wendy and see what’s happening over there. We’ve got a holiday gift guide, top ten list, behind-the-scenes and OH! we have a great giveaway happening too!!

I’d love to see you over there.



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