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5 Music Documentaries Not To Miss on Netflix

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.34.30 PMI am proud to partner with Netflix to share my favorites and be part of this year’s #StreamTeam! Netflix has provided me with a free membership and device to stream. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been thirsty for live music.

The Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival and Stagecoach just wrapped – both in Indio and sort of close but I couldn’t get to either this year. Next month, local alternative radio station KROQ will host their annual Weenie Roast featuring Muse, AWOLNATION, Walk The Moon (BTW, “Shut Up and Dance” is my current favorite right now). I love how these festivals kick off the summer concert season.

Luckily, I’ve got Ed Sheeran and Foo Fighters on the horizon and we’re taking our daughter to see Taylor Swift later this summer. Until then, I’m going to stream the following 5 music documentaries to quench my thirst.

1. The Punk Singer – I’ve seen and really enjoyed this documentary featuring feminist punk rocker Kathleen Hanna. The film covers Hanna’s early days in Bikini Kill as well uncovers her mysterious retirement from music.

I'm planning to watch these 5 music documentaries to hold me over until I can get to a live show this summer! All available to stream on Netflix.

2. Kurt and Courtney – I was a teenager when Nirvana exploded and later was a fan girl for Courtney Love but I’ve never seen this documentary from Nick Broomfield. Apparently, Courtney was uncooperative and a lot of reviewers are annoyed the film lacks Nirvana music. I’m still fascinated by their tumultuous relationship and will definitely watch this one.

I'm planning to watch these 5 music documentaries to hold me over until I can get to a live show this summer! All available to stream on Netflix.

3. Thirty Seconds to Mars Artifact – Jared Leto will forever be Jordan Catalano to me but I am interested in this film about his band going up against EMI. The reviews say that it’s an awesome documentary on the state of modern music. P.S. are you following Jared Leto on Instagram? Lots of beautiful selfies.

I'm planning to watch these 5 music documentaries to hold me over until I can get to a live show this summer! All available to stream on Netflix.

4. An Affair of the Heart – Ok, so this documentary is about Rick Springfield and his legion of fans. I’m about to get real vulnerable here. I am a Rick Springfield fan. I saw him play with Dave Grohl a couple of years ago during the Sound City Players tour and the crowd went bananas just three chords in to “Jessie’s Girl.” And who can forget him as Noah Drake on General Hospital. I’m excited about this one.

I'm planning to watch these 5 music documentaries to hold me over until I can get to a live show this summer! All available to stream on Netflix.

5. Biggie & Tupac – Another film by Nick Broomfield as he investigates the untimely deaths of rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. I haven’t seen this one but I’m totally intrigued after seeing a really great Tupac Shakur exhibit recently at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

I'm planning to watch these 5 music documentaries to hold me over until I can get to a live show this summer! All available to stream on Netflix.

All of these documentaries are available to stream on Netflix. I’m really hoping they add two Foo Fighters documentaries, “Back & Forth” and “Sonic Highways” – both excellent.

Do you have a favorite concert or music documentary I should see? Do tell.

Swap Your Soap: method

For weeks now, my daughter’s first grade class has been practicing songs for an Earth Day concert. She’s been learning the lyrics about ozone depletion and why styrofoam products are bad.  As a parent, the exciting part of the whole experience has been her genuine interest in what we can do as a family to reduce our environmental footprint.

There’s sure been a whole lot of finger wagging, too. Especially when the water faucet runs long or if the recyclables aren’t in their proper bin. She gave some serious side eyes when I used an aerosol hairspray the other morning, saying, “Mom! CFCs come from cans like that!”

I’ve got a serious environmentalist on my hands. We’ll be driving an electric car before long.

We're moving toward swapping out conventional products to environmentally friendly products. We love method. Read why their laundry soap is the best.

Eliminating household products in favor of more environmentally friendly ones seems like a huge undertaking. I think, mostly because, we have our favorites or we doubt the effectiveness of a natural product. Or, we pick up what’s on sale or what our budget allows.

My friend Miya gave me some great advice a while back. She said to start by replacing one product at a time and start with the one you use the most often. For us, that was laundry detergent. How a family of three generates so much dirty laundry is beyond me! Since taking Miya’s advice, we’ve been able to swap out laundry, dish and hand soap.

So what are we using?

My skin is extremely sensitive to perfumes. For this reason, we choose method 4x concentrated laundry detergent in the free + clear fragrance — which really isn’t a fragrance at all but it keeps my skin from breaking out in hives.

We're moving toward swapping out conventional products to environmentally friendly products. We love method. Read why their laundry soap is the best.

If the free + clear bores you, method offers a wide range of fragrances including beach sage, fresh clover, ginger mango and spring garden. I’m secretly coveting fresh clover.

What else I love about method is that their formulas are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and their bottles are 100% recyclable.  The 4x concentrated bottle is clear so you can actually see your product and it doesn’t have a handle which makes it easier to recycle. I love that there is that much thought and consideration made in its design!

I’m sure my daughter will make sure the empty bottle makes it way to the correct bin.

We're moving toward swapping out conventional products to environmentally friendly products. We love method. Read why their laundry soap is the best.

Consider swapping out your current laundry detergent for method. Use the coupon code THREEFORME for $3 off your online purchase on the method website. Also check out the exclusive collaboration between method and ASOS. They’ve curated a collection of fashion forward, effortless style perfect for the summer season.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Remembering on Giving Day

It will be 25 years this November since I lost a childhood friend to cancer. We were in 10th grade and she was days from turning 16 years old when she passed.

Mindy was beautiful. She was a ballet dancer and an honors student. She was so incredibly kind. Her family welcomed me in their home for consecutive weekend sleepovers where we would listen to Depeche Mode in heavy rotation on her CD player. We played with black eyeliner and red lipstick and talked about boys. She introduced me to her obsession with all things Esprit and Star Trek. We saw The Cure at Dodger Stadium together and cried when it was over.

Here’s one of the very few photos I have of the two of us. Big hair and smiles at our middle school graduation party. And by big hair (and forehead) I mean me.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.49.06 PM

Her diagnosis was rare and advanced and her death was devastating to many.

I think of her often but especially when I see a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia and remember how badly she wanted one for her first car. Or, when I hear “Cherish” by Madonna and I’m taken back to the day we registered for 9th grade and how we danced to that song in an empty Lamppost Pizza. And though it has since been eliminated, I would think fondly of my sweet friend when I sent out holiday cards from the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

That Christmas after Mindy died, I stumbled upon a set of brightly colored holiday cards created by young artists fighting cancer. Sales benefited the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation and in a very small way, I felt that sending these cards was a way to remember her and support an organization that was helping to improve the care, quality of life and survival rates in kids like my dear friend.

PCRF is one of 350 non-profit organizations hoping to benefit in today’s first-ever Orange County giving day. For 30 hours beginning April 21, 2015, secure, tax-deductible donations will be accepted on iheartOC.org. The Orange County Community Foundation and their Giving Day partners will super-charge local giving by funding bonus awards and prizes to these 350 deserving organizations.

The goal is to raise $2 million for OC non-profits and keep giving within our community.


Click here to find an organization or please visit iheartOC.org to make a donation. I will be making a donation to PCRF in Mindy’s name.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.34.30 PM


This post is sponsored by Orange County Community Foundation. All opinions are my own.

I Won’t Try That Again

Last fall I was in my doctor’s office with a list of problems only a hypochondriac could appreciate. Topping that list was my chronic fatigue, brain fog and my inability to lose any weight. My most bothersome symptoms raised enough red flags for her to explore more. She ordered a battery of blood tests, including thyroid, A1C, B-12, and vitamin D.

The results from the blood tests were fairly unremarkable. My thyroid was normal, my A1c was sort of within range, my B-12 and vitamin D levels were both low (as they have been historically).

To address the lack of weight loss, she advised I visit a nutritionist and recommended the book The New Sugar Busters: Cut Sugar to Trim Fat. I was already familiar with the book. In fact, I read an older version years ago at the height of the no-carb craze. She also mentioned a new weight loss drug called Contrave and asked if I was interested.

Feeling desperate – and if I’m being honest, also depressed – I was definitely interested.

She explained that Contrave worked differently than previous weight loss drugs that had once been FDA approved. Contrave was made up of bupropion and naltrexone which affected the brain chemistry and not the heart. She even thought that the naltrexone would even help give me a boost in energy.

I picked up the prescription and put it away in my medicine cupboard. I wanted to read the pamphlet and research the internet to see if anyone had any early experience with the drug. Admittedly, I was worried about taking bupropion again. Bupropion is an anti-depressant and while I didn’t have nearly the problems weaning from Bupropion XL as I had from Effexor XR, I was still apprehensive in messing with anti-depressants again.


But, I woke up Thanksgiving morning and decided that it was time to start the Contrave. I had just received the blood test results and that A1C level really bothered me. But that’s for another blog post.

I took one pill as advised and set forth on our day. The plans for Thanksgiving were a lazy morning, a long family walk, small lunch and early dinner with family.

I felt great at first. I don’t remember eating breakfast that morning but guzzled a coffee while out on our walk. By lunch, I was hangry and a little bit nauseous. I chalked it up to not eating anything. An early Thanksgiving dinner ended up being later than expected and I felt downright miserable. Even after eating, I remember feeling just plain awful. I suffered silently the whole car ride home and just wanted to get in bed. Nauseous and dizzy. I lay in bed that night telling myself that I would feel better by morning knowing that what I felt was not normal.

That experience made me feel awful enough not to take Contrave again. Until last weekend.

Like childbirth, we are able to forget horrible feelings. I knew that my first experience with Contrave wasn’t a great one but maybe I did something wrong. Like, not eating breakfast. Drinking too much coffee. Or waiting too long to eat dinner. I definitely knew I would try again but wanted to make sure it was a day that I didn’t have commitments, in case it made me feel yucky again.

Last Sunday morning, I decided it was the day to try it again. Desperation and depression continue to be really great motivators for me.

I ate a good breakfast and popped one pill. I didn’t drink any coffee that morning. I felt tons of energy at first, did a bunch of house chores and then sat down to work on the computer. After about two hours, I started to feel a little bit shaky. I noticed it was close to lunch. I wasn’t feeling hungry but knew I’d better eat something considering my last experience.

Well, lunch came and went, if you know what I mean. I was dizzy, sweaty, and horribly nauseous. I was so sick the entire rest of the day. There I was again, laying in bed, vowing to never take Contrave again.

There is something about my chemistry and this drug that just do not work together. The Contrave site does list the side effects with nausea, headache, dizziness and vomiting being the most common.

In the end, I should have known better. I know that there isn’t a quick fix for weight loss. There isn’t a magic pill, even one prescribed by a doctor. It’s maybe time to visit that nutritionist and exercise regularly and stick to a plan.

Are You BRCA Aware?

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.34.30 PM I received $150 from AstraZeneca, and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/AstraZeneca.

These days I can hardly remember what we did over the weekend or that I need to grab milk from the store. But, for some reason I can remember a day years ago when a college classmate spoke about the discovery of the BRCA genes. It was the first time I had learned that there was a genetic link between breast and ovarian cancer.

Honestly, I don’t remember much more about her presentation because I thought the subject matter didn’t pertain to me. In my mind, I thought about my family and we didn’t have a history of breast or ovarian cancer so I mentally checked out.

I’m asking you not to check out today.

What is BRCA?

BRCA1 and BRCA2 are human genes involved with cell growth, cell division, and cell repair. Although they are most commonly associated with BReast CAncer, approximately 15% of women with ovarian cancer also have BRCA gene mutations.

I was given the option to undergo genetic testing for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Considering my young age, the doctors felt that genetic testing was necessary for answers. The process was relatively easy. It was only a few weeks after submitting a blood sample that we sat with the hospital’s genetic counselor who throughly went over the results. I had tested negative for both the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation.

I have learned a lot about the BRCA genes over the last several years. I still kick myself for not paying more attention in class that day and for assuming that since I didn’t have a family history of cancer that I was off the hook.

As a former cancer patient, it is not uncommon to share your BRCA status. I think because we’re all very interested in understanding this complicated disease. Several of my survivor friends are BRCA positive while some are not. I even have two friends who are BRCA positive but have NOT had cancer and luckily with that knowledge they are able to better manage their health.

Very simply, being aware of your BRCA status can empower you in making choices for your health and preventative breast and ovarian care.

Facts About BRCA:

– Women with BRCA gene mutations have an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.
– In the general population, 1.4 percent4 of women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, while up to 40 percent of women with BRCA 1/2 mutations will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in their lifetime.
– An estimated 15% of ovarian cancers are linked to BRCA mutations.
– BRCA gene mutations can play a key role in serous ovarian cancer, the most common form of ovarian cancer.
– Nearly one half of women with ovarian cancer who are BRCA-positive have no significant family history of breast or ovarian cancer.

Thanks for not mentally checking out. Learn more about BRCA and the risks for ovarian cancer at My OC Journey. While my experience was specifically with breast cancer, the link between BRCA and breast and ovarian cancers is very important to the overall health of women. Educate yourself, share with your friends and family, and #beBRCAware.

Are you considering the BRCA genetic test? Read my experience and get more info about BRCA and why it is important to be aware.

Ever After High: Spring Unsprung Party

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.34.30 PMI am so stoked to be part of the Netflix #StreamTeam! I was hand selected to be part of their exclusive blogger network to help share the awesomeness that is Netflix streaming. Disclosure: Netflix provided me with a device and a year long subscription to stream content. All opinions are 100% my own.


Last month, Netflix premiered the brand new animated feature based on the popular Ever After High doll franchise. To celebrate, we whipped up an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung themed viewing party!

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

If you aren’t familiar with Ever After High, the magical story lines follow the teenage sons and daughters of classic fairytale characters. Apple White is the daughter of Snow White, Alistar Wonderland is the son of Alice, Bunny Blanc is the daughter of The White Rabbit. My daughter’s favorites are Briar Beauty (daughter of Sleeping Beauty) and C.A. Cupid (daughter of Eros). If you are as confused as I was, see all the Ever After High characters here.

In Ever After High: Spring Unsprung, Kitty Cheshire’s mom plays a trick on Alistair Wonderland during Ever After High’s Spring Fairest, it might ruin the celebration’s happy ending. My daughter and her friends gave the movie two thumbs up! The really great news is that Netflix will release a 12-episode series later in 2015.

Let’s get to the Ever After High party details!

I was inspired by the characters and their extravagant headwear to create our own floral crowns. I followed this tutorial from Grow Creative to create the tissue paper pom poms. I made tons of extras because they packed such a colorful punch. Staple the tissue paper flowers to baker’s twine and wrap the twine tightly around a headband.

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

I love following a theme for my parties and took my decorating cues from the Spring Unsprung storyline. Early in the movie, the students are preparing for the annual Spring Fairest celebration. Their palette was black and white to represent the passing of winter and tons of bright colors to represent the coming of spring. Easy enough!

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

A black tablecloth, black and white striped paper products, and black and white polka dot paper straws mixed with the colorful tissue paper flowers and balloons set the foundation for the treat table. I attached an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung photo to the balloon as a centerpiece for the table.

Let’s take a closer look at the treats! I created labels for all the goodies by using a white chalkboard pen and the same paper punch I used to make the tissue paper flowers.

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

The Well of Wonder leads the Ever After High students to Wonderland. Water + flavored water drops = Well of Wonder Water!

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

The movie’s antagonist needs her own cookie! I piped on Wilton Sparkle Gel on store bought black & white cookies to create the Cheshire Cat’s famous smile.

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

They serve Dragon Corn at the Spring Fairest celebration. We served Dragon Popcorn in black paper cones.

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

These were almost too pretty to eat! Marshmallows on popsicle sticks dipped in Candi-Quick and topped with candy flowers.

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

This was a store bought cupcake cake and perfect for our party!

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

Treats in hand and now for the movie!

I decorated the mantle with black and white streamers and the tissue paper pom poms.

Tons of really great ideas for an Ever After High party. Food, crafts and decorations for an Ever After High: Spring Unsprung party.

What do you think of our Ever After High party?

Check out Netflix to stream Ever After High: Spring Unsprung! Here’s a tip: If you have trouble finding the Spring Unsprung movie, click the drop down function and select “season 2.” You can find four Ever After High short form webisodes under season 1.

All Good Things Come To An End: Parenthood

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We know well that all good things must eventually come to an end.

Parenthood was brilliant. Honest and heartwarming, tragic and heartbreaking. I expected to cry my eyes out throughout the finale but surprisingly held back the tears until the very end. With 12 minutes left of the episode, I texted a friend and said “I’m not crying yet” but montages set in the future kill me. Every time.

Early last year, I was lucky enough to visit the Parenthood set. I sat behind Larry Trilling as he directed the season 5 finale episode. During a break, he turned around and asked what I liked about the show. I told him it was the storytelling. I often cringe when I think about that thirty second exchange. Should my answer have been more profound? Should I have specifically mentioned Kristina’s breast cancer story and how I could personally relate? Should I have talked about what the show has done for autism awareness? Should I have asked if Joel and Julia were ever going to reconcile?!


But, it is the storytelling that I loved and will miss most about Parenthood.

And Adam.

Yes, I loved Adam. A couple of weeks ago, I felt an overwhelming sadness for how I won’t see Peter Krause each week anymore. And especially Peter and Dax Shepard together. Man, those two have some kind of perfect synergy that worked so well as Adam and Crosby. It got me thinking that I needed to seek out their past projects.

Thank you, Netflix. (Unfortunately, not all titles are available to stream on Netflix but many are available on DVD)

Peter Krause: Six Feet Under, Sports Night (with Josh Charles from The Good Wife!), Dirty Sexy Money, Lovelife, The Truman Show. And how could I forget…He played Jay, Andrea’s older boyfriend, in three episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1992.

Lauren Graham: Gilmore Girls, Because I Said So, Bad Santa, News Radio and the short-lived sitcom Townies from 1996.

Dax Shepard: The Judge, Veronica Mars (how cute is it that he’s in his wife movie?), This Is Where I Leave You, Robot Chicken, Without A Paddle, and who remembers him on MTV’s Punk’d? I do. He Punk’d Nick Lachey when he pretended to be Jessica Simpson’s white trash relative.

Monica Potter: Patch Adams, The Last House on the  Left, Along Came a Spider, The Very Thought of You and Head Over Heels.

Erika Christensen: Traffic, Lie To Me, Flightplan and The Tortured.

Sam Jaeger: American Sniper, Hart’s War, The Riverman, Take Me Home (director credit), and an uncredited role in Friday Night Lights. Shout out Jason Katims for always putting his FNL actors in other projects.

Max Burkholder: Tons of voice work for Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, My Friend’s Tigger and Pooh. He also played Senator McCallister’s son on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters.

Joy Bryant: Entourage, The Skeleton Key, and About Last Night.

Miles Heizer: Rudderless, Private Practice and Ghost Whisperer (Ghost Whisperer feels super binge-worthy!)

Mae Whitman: Oh how I love Mae Whitman! She’s been in tons of things but I remember her first in Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock. Other work includes a 1996 episode of Friends where she plays a Girl Scout, Arrested Development, and tons of voice work in American Dad and as the voice of Tinkerbell.

Bonnie Bedelia: I’ll never forget her as Shirley Muldowney in Heart Like A Wheel! Die Hard, Presumed Innocent (loved that movie!), HBO’s Big Love and Sordid Lives.

Craig T. Nelson: Poltergeist, Coach, Troop Beverly Hills, Soul Surfer, My Name is Earl, The Family Stone, The Incredibles, The Skulls, Turner & Hooch and Private Benjamin.

Of course, Parenthood is available to stream on Netflix.


May you stay forever young, Parenthood.

That 90210 Podcast Idea

So I won’t delve too much into my love of podcasts in this post because Megan and I have an episode all about our favorite podcasts coming up over on our YouTube channel.

But, I have to talk about this one.



Ready for a super bizarre string of events? Last week, Georgia Hardstark of podcast Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia shared a screen shot on Instagram of a podcast she had just starting listening to. In the comments of that post, someone mentioned that they just started listening to a podcast called Gilmore Guys. Yes, Gilmore Guys. Intrigued, I checked it out.

A podcast from two guys talking about a TV show that premiered fourteen years ago and has been off air for for half that time? Hmmm. I know it’s on in repeats and is now on Netflix. Hmmm, I thought some more.

I thought, in fact, what if I started a podcast about my all time favorite show? Would anyone listen? I mean, Beverly Hills, 90210 premiered in 1990. It’s been off air longer than it aired. Who wants to listen to a podcast about a teen soap that was on twenty-five years ago?

That idea came up again the following day when I was with Megan recording this Friends episode. I told her about Gilmore Guys and my idea about a 90210 podcast. We laughed, mostly because I think she knows I could probably talk a lot about the gang from West Bev.

Later in the day, I turned on a new episode of TBASH and within 1 minute and 56 seconds I learned that Lizzie and Kat had already beat me to the punch. That’s right, they are the hosts of The Blaze, a weekly podcast about Beverly Hills, 90210.

My big idea? Crushed.

Because, The Blaze? It’s a perfect name. The podcast? I’ve listened to two episodes. It’s OK. They discuss one episode of the show at a time and they’ve only released five so far. I’m excited to listen to more.

The only real problem I see is that since the demise of SoapNet, 90210 reruns are hard to come by. The former TVGN, now POP, airs a mid-day marathon block of episodes on Tuesdays. The entire series is also available on DVD and it’s available on Amazon Prime but only season one of ten (and I’ve read the order of episodes are mixed up).

So, do I put a pin in my big idea to start a podcast about a twenty-five year old television show? Or should I start one because the internet is plenty big for more than one discussion about the Brenda-Kelly-Dylan triangle? Or should Lizzie and Kat just have me guest on their podcast?

What do you guys think?

I think I might be feeling nostalgic for 1993.

Friends Trivia Throwdown

{This giveaway is now over} Thanks to Netflix for allowing me to be part of their #StreamTeam! They have provided me with a subscription and device to stream content. As always, all opinions are my own. 

It’s a Netflix #StreamTeam/Long Story Short crossover event!

When the entire Friends series debuted on Netflix earlier this month, I KNEW I had to get Megan involved somehow to help promote it. See, Megan is what one might call a super fan. I feel like her love for a Friends rerun is one of the first things I learned about her. She gladly accepted my challenge to quiz her on some of the toughest Friends trivia on the internet.

How do you think she did? Plus, don’t miss out on how to enter to win a 3-month Netflix subscription! All the details are below.

Win a 3-Month Netflix Subscription!



Lovely Starbucks Lovers Taste Testing!

So many exciting things happening over at Long Story Short!

1. Right before the holidays, Megan and I, were contacted by a major brand who wants to work with us! We can’t dish on all the details just yet but let’s just say there will be a few more taste testing videos in our future.

2. We started an Instagram for our channel! Follow us at @MeganAndWendyLSS where we’ll post outtakes and clips the day our videos drop on YouTube. We’ll also have some behind the scenes stuff and photos and whatever else we can think of.

Before I leave you with our latest videos…we are currently soliciting your MOM DILEMMA! This is one of our most popular videos and we love giving our unqualified advice. You can comment below on this post, email meganandwendy@gmail.com, DM me on Twitter or Facebook. All dilemmas are kept anonymous.

Lovely Starbucks Lovers

That’s right…we’re taste testing the Starbucks Clover coffees. The what? Yes, some Starbucks stores have this fancy dancy machine where each cup of coffee is individually brewed. Woah boy…this is for some serious coffee drinkers.

Truth? We recorded this tasting TWICE. First was in Megan’s car after we bought the coffees. It looked straight up like those Sonic commercials which was hilarious. But there was no good place to put the camera which left us both with more chins than we would ever let you see.

Virgin Mules

For New Year’s Eve, Megan and I, mixed up a booze-free “mocktail” Moscow Mule. Full disclosure: we actually like the real thing but it was 11am and we both had school pick up right after we recorded this video. Maybe we need to record a legit happy hour?


Viewer questions for December’s Mom Dilemma included how to handle siblings that are in constant competition and what to do when Grandma showers your kiddo with too many gifts. I noticed Megan edited the part where I subtly suggested the other Grandma should step up her gift game. Just sayin. (I’m joking!)

Holiday Style TAG video!

Scarves, scarves and scarves. And it’s official: I don’t have a neck for scarves.

We’d love for you to give our video a thumbs up, share with your friends, comment and definitely subscribe! We’re still trying to get to 100 subscribers and once that happens, it’s GIVEAWAY time!