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Contact me – I’d love to hear from you!

I’m usually pretty good at responding to emails but if for some reason you haven’t received a response from me, please try to contact me using the form below or post on my Facebook wall.  You’ll get me one way or another!

If you want to contact me about writing a sponsored post or hosting a giveaway, please know I am very selective with what I choose to share with my loyal readers.  Your product must be a fit for my blog.  If you have any questions about what is appropriate for, please contact me via email or check out my Blog Disclosure page for more information.

I will occasionally guest post on other blogs.  If you’re interested in what I’ve got to say and want to introduce me to your readers, please contact me!  I welcome the opportunity to share my story.

I love a good party, social event, and soiree.  So, if you’ve got a shindig you’d like me to attend – you should know the drill by now – contact me!

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If you’d like to contact me via a social networking site you can find me all over the place:

I check Facebook often, like obsessively.  You can also send me a friend request on my personal Facebook page if you feel so inclined!

Tweet me!  I check Twitter a couple times a day.

Google + and I are still getting to know each other but I’m there and I can be available for a G+ chat too!