October Stories

You have found the best place to read stories about life after breast cancer. The fog will lift, normalcy does return; life does get better after a breast cancer diagnosis. During the month of October 2013, we’ll be sharing some incredible breast cancer survivor stories from over twenty women who have battled an aggressive stage 3 triple negative diagnosis, to a 3-time survivor, to a woman diagnosed while pregnant. Links to all posts (as they are published) are below the image.


Catherine Brunelle: stage IV metastatic breast cancer

Dyanne Dillon: stage I breast cancer, tram flap reconstruction

Nicole Kramer: triple negative, diagnosed in early 2013

Mina Greenfield: stage II, ER/PR+ breast cancer

Mary Killian: stage IV ER/PR+ metastatic breast cancer, 20 years NED

Margot Saharic: HER-2+ breast cancer

Rebecca Goddard: stage I DCIS

Becca Smith: triple negative, tram flap reconstruction, 8 years NED

Mollie West: BRCA+ previvor

Tracie Benjamin: 30 year old, stage IIA, marriage proposal that went viral

Cathy Westrich: 17 years NED

Miya Goodrich-Phillips: Planning for a baby after breast cancer

Leslie Jones: Battling a family history of breast cancer

Sarah Malin-Roodman: A lesson in strength and grace

Roxanne Martinez: Diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer while pregnant

Lynette Zwerneman: Finding the strength after questioning survival

Beverly McKee: Already planning her 40th cancer anniversary party

Dee Anne Barker: Three time breast cancer survivor

Lisa Howard: Redefining normal after a HER-2+ diagnosis

Andrea Nugent: A delayed diagnosis

Amanda Thompson: A daughter’s perspective on breast cancer