What Up, Wednesday?

I like blogging prompts and easy ones at that. Thanks to Megan for sharing the What’s Up Wednesday meme. Check out what we’ve got going on this week and what we’re looking forward to in the coming month. 1. What We’re Eating this Week 2. What I’m Reminiscing About 3. What I’m Loving 4. What We’ve Been Up To 5. What I’m Dreading Nothing, really. Maybe summer ending because I really enjoy lazy mornings and being schedule free. 6. What I’m Working {Read More}

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The Cure for the Afternoon Summer Slump

A few years ago, I had a friend declare that her household was going screen-free for the summer. My reaction was one of horror. There is just absolutely no way our family would make it through three months of summer days without a little TV down time. Admittedly, we make it most of the morning and early afternoon without the television on. I have my favorite weekly podcasts and YouTube channels I like to listen to or watch as we putter {Read More}

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Peek Inside What’s #NewAtTheCube

In 1998 I worked in Santa Ana where on one cloudy morning the company’s CFO suggested we take a walking field trip to a museum ground breaking event happening near our office. We were up for anything that wasn’t work so we went. However, our walk was immediately cut short as soon as we crossed over the parking lot lines. VPOTUS Al Gore was the speaker at the event and the area had been secured by secret service and sharp shooters. Back to {Read More}

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Netflix ReBoots I’d Like to See

Did you hear that a Full House reboot is coming to Netflix in 2016? John Stamos announced in April that the show will return with most of the original cast and also tweeted two days ago that Bob Saget will also be back as Danny Tanner. Missing are the Olsen twins. Is anyone surprised? It had me wondering if Mary-Kate and Ashley are necessary for a Full House reboot. A reunion? Maybe. But definitely not a reboot. It could easily {Read More}

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In Defense of Lipo | BeautyLand Event!

I have been bothered by a protruding hump at the base of the back of my neck for some time now. I first noticed it when we received the photos from our wedding in 2001. I chalked it up to a lifetime of bad posture and vowed to put my shoulders back more often. I started to realize that the hump was the reason necklaces wouldn’t lay properly and bathing suit strings that tied around my neck would feel incredibly {Read More}

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5 Music Documentaries Not To Miss on Netflix

I'm planning to watch these 5 music documentaries to hold me over until I can get to a live show this summer! All available to stream on Netflix.

I am proud to partner with Netflix to share my favorites and be part of this year’s #StreamTeam! Netflix has provided me with a free membership and device to stream. All opinions are my own. I’ve been thirsty for live music. The Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival and Stagecoach just wrapped – both in Indio and sort of close but I couldn’t get to either this year. Next month, local alternative radio station KROQ will host their annual Weenie {Read More}

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Swap Your Soap: method

We're moving toward swapping out conventional products to environmentally friendly products. We love method. Read why their laundry soap is the best.

For weeks now, my daughter’s first grade class has been practicing songs for an Earth Day concert. She’s been learning the lyrics about ozone depletion and why styrofoam products are bad.  As a parent, the exciting part of the whole experience has been her genuine interest in what we can do as a family to reduce our environmental footprint. There’s sure been a whole lot of finger wagging, too. Especially when the water faucet runs long or if the recyclables aren’t in {Read More}

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April PopSugar Unboxing on Long Story Short

YouTube channel, Long Story Short

Megan and I unboxed the April PopSugar Must Have Box earlier this week over on our YouTube channel. Though, it wasn’t until today when our friend Jenny commented that there were so many “That’s What She Said” moments throughout the video that it could be a drinking game. We couldn’t agree more. Check out our latest video below. We’d love for you to become a subscriber! We have new videos up every Monday and Friday and always working on things {Read More}

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Remembering on Giving Day

It will be 25 years this November since I lost a childhood friend to cancer. We were in 10th grade and she was days from turning 16 years old when she passed. Mindy was beautiful. She was a ballet dancer and an honors student. She was so incredibly kind. Her family welcomed me in their home for consecutive weekend sleepovers where we would listen to Depeche Mode in heavy rotation on her CD player. We played with black eyeliner and {Read More}

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What It Feels Like To Receive: Giving Day in OC!

April 21-22, 2015 is Giving Day! Support OC's 350 nonprofits with a donation through #iheartoc and Orange County Community Foundation.

It feels good to give. But, it also feels really good to receive. I present you with the top seven classic reactions to when a person finds out they are the recipient of something awesome. 1. Head Lock Hug. Sure it starts out as a regular old celebratory hug but it quickly turns dangerous when you find yourself in the middle of someone’s forearm and bicep. 2. I’m So Happy I Could Cry. You’re so overwhelmed with emotion that your brain {Read More}

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