Laguna Beach Food Truck Festival | This Saturday!

Food trucks hardly ever disappoint, right?  The  First Annual Laguna Beach Food Truck Festival is this Saturday, May 12th from 11:30am – 3:00pm!  The event is presented by The Gorjana and Griffin Foundation and will benefit the CHOC Foundation.  Tickets are $35 which will get you FIVE tastings from any of the food trucks.  Have you tried the carnitas fries from The Lime Truck?  Holy deliciousness.

Don’t take my word for it though — Get your buns in the car and get to beautiful Laguna Beach this Saturday!  This is an event not to be missed!

This is a non-sponsored post.  I have not received any financial compensation to promote the Laguna Beach Food Truck Festival.  This post appears as a courtesy to my friends at Gorjana.  Plus, it’s for a good cause!

The Final Push | Reverb 11

Consider this my final push to finish #Reverb11. I officially stink at posting daily but at least you get the short and sweet version of my Reverb 11. Thanks to the Modchik for introducing and inspiring me to complete this. I’m actually looking forward to Reverb12 where I’ll vow to write daily!

If you didn’t catch my first three editions you can find them here, here, and here.

21. What would you change?

A little bit of everything. As much I usually resist change, I do like it. I’m hoping 2012 is full of change.

22. What was your favorite new song?

This is a hard question. I like a lot of music. But, hands down “Wasting Light” by Foo Fighters was this year’s best album in my opinion (and apparently the Grammy people thought the same as it was nominated for best album). Every song from top to bottom is good, if not great. So my favorite new song comes from this album: track 5, “Arlandria.”

23. How do you relax?

I’m queen vegetable. Mrs. Couch Potato. I have no problem relaxing. All I have to do is turn the telly onto some cheesy reality TV, Lifetime movie, or a repeats of Beverly Hills, 90210 and I’m jelly. Jelly in front of the telly.

24. Did you take any risk this year?

Hmm. Yes, a couple of small little risks. I went to BlogHer – a blogging convention in San Diego – which was so out of my comfort zone. Introducing myself to new people, talking to random people, companies, and PR firms about what I blog about and trying to not feel embarrassed about it. We tried buying a new home this year in this risky, unstable economy and failed. It turned out to be OK though because we ended up doing work to our current house that we love so we’ll stay put for a while. These aren’t major, I know. I’m hoping that changes in 2012.

25. Do you consider yourself in good health?

No. Cancer aside, I could be doing so much more for my mind, body, and soul. The cancer stuff is always lurking. Just one stupid cancerous cell could be floating around my blood stream looking for a new organ to occupy. But, October marked three years of being cancer free and that feels good. Staying cancer free requires far more effort than I’ve been doing and that is going to change too next year.

26. What steps are you taking to be healthier in 2012?

One of my resolutions is to treat my body better. I want to focus on eating mostly a plant based diet and occasionally eating only organic and hormone-free meat products. No more cow’s milk. Use spices that have shown to reduce a cancer risk. Eliminate sugars, artificial sugars, and other chemicals. Use products free of parabens. Eat breakfast daily. Start a supplement regimen. Stop taking anti-depressants (I take one to control hot flashes caused by menopause and the other to treat my mild case of depression). Continue with my visits to the chiropractor and start seeing my acupuncturist again (to help manage the hot flashes and joint pain I have from the other estrogen blocking meds I have to take). I want to manage my free time better and be certain to carve time out for exercise. Weight training and cardio. Swimming. Pilates, yoga, dance, barre classes, Wii Fit, hiking, biking, chasing my kid on her scooter, jumping rope – I’m determined to find something that I love to do.

27. What food did you try this year?

I can’t think of anything significantly out of the ordinary I tried this year. I’m a creature of habit – especially when it comes to food. I’ve got nothing. Sorry I’m so boring!

28. What places would you like to visit in 2012?

My husband and I have been talking about going back to Kauai for at least two years now and our travel agent (me) really sucks at making the arrangements. So, I hope to visit the sands of Poipu beach sometime in May. I’d also like to visit New York for the 2012 BlogHer convention. I’ve never been to NYC because the big city scares this suburban girl. A trip to wine country with my husband would be fab for our eleventh wedding anniversary. Another trip to wine country with girlfriends would be equally fab.

29. What’s on your vision board for 2012?

I’m currently making a vision board on pinterest but haven’t made one that I can hang and see every morning, noon, and night. I’m going to tear through some magazines in the coming days because I definitely need the constant reminder. As for the pinterest board, currently I have pinned photos of The Today Show logo, nice tight abs, and an ad for the 2012 3-day walk in San Francisco.

30. How will you mark the end of 2011?


31. Where do you want to be in 2013?


Happy New Year!