That 90210 Podcast Idea

So I won’t delve too much into my love of podcasts in this post because Megan and I have an episode all about our favorite podcasts coming up over on our YouTube channel.

But, I have to talk about this one.



Ready for a super bizarre string of events? Last week, Georgia Hardstark of podcast Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia shared a screen shot on Instagram of a podcast she had just starting listening to. In the comments of that post, someone mentioned that they just started listening to a podcast called Gilmore Guys. Yes, Gilmore Guys. Intrigued, I checked it out.

A podcast from two guys talking about a TV show that premiered fourteen years ago and has been off air for for half that time? Hmmm. I know it’s on in repeats and is now on Netflix. Hmmm, I thought some more.

I thought, in fact, what if I started a podcast about my all time favorite show? Would anyone listen? I mean, Beverly Hills, 90210 premiered in 1990. It’s been off air longer than it aired. Who wants to listen to a podcast about a teen soap that was on twenty-five years ago?

That idea came up again the following day when I was with Megan recording this Friends episode. I told her about Gilmore Guys and my idea about a 90210 podcast. We laughed, mostly because I think she knows I could probably talk a lot about the gang from West Bev.

Later in the day, I turned on a new episode of TBASH and within 1 minute and 56 seconds I learned that Lizzie and Kat had already beat me to the punch. That’s right, they are the hosts of The Blaze, a weekly podcast about Beverly Hills, 90210.

My big idea? Crushed.

Because, The Blaze? It’s a perfect name. The podcast? I’ve listened to two episodes. It’s OK. They discuss one episode of the show at a time and they’ve only released five so far. I’m excited to listen to more.

The only real problem I see is that since the demise of SoapNet, 90210 reruns are hard to come by. The former TVGN, now POP, airs a mid-day marathon block of episodes on Tuesdays. The entire series is also available on DVD and it’s available on Amazon Prime but only season one of ten (and I’ve read the order of episodes are mixed up).

So, do I put a pin in my big idea to start a podcast about a twenty-five year old television show? Or should I start one because the internet is plenty big for more than one discussion about the Brenda-Kelly-Dylan triangle? Or should Lizzie and Kat just have me guest on their podcast?

What do you guys think?

I think I might be feeling nostalgic for 1993.

Surfer Betty teaches Yoga?

I love the original “Beverly Hills, 90210.” I’ll never forget flipping channels the night of October 4, 1990 and I stopped on this teenage dream of a show that is still a guilty pleasure.

So, today I had a minor freak out at the gym when I realized I was in the presence of an original 90210 alum!

Wait…it wasn’t Tori or Shannen so don’t get too excited, friends.

I was hanging out in front of studio one waiting for some booty-buster class to finish and I catch a glance at the face of this woman approaching the waiting area. Hmm…she looks familiar but from where, I wondered. I have a crappy memory and always think I went to high school with someone before realizing who they really are. Anyway, another woman starts chatting her up and then I hear her distinct voice.

OMG!! She is “Surfer Betty” from the 1990 episode called “The Green Room.” You know the one, Dylan was trying to teach Brandon how to surf and Sarah (or “Surfer Betty” as the loser surfer dudes called her) almost drowned because she had been drinking beer on the beach and surfing. Of course, Brandon rescues her and all is wonderful again. She was also in a 1992 episode called “Cardio-Funk” (horrible thong aerobic outfits in this episode too, ew) where Sarah and Dylan meet again at an A.A. meeting and she’s having some trouble staying clean so he helps her out but ends up making the moves on him which really throws Brenda into a jealous fit. Sounding familiar?

And now she’s sitting next to me and I’m having a tiny panic attack. I’m seriously that much of a dork.

Finally, booty-bonanza lets out and we file in to get our downward dog on and HOLY WHAT??? Surfer Betty is the instructor?

She introduces herself to the class as Heather and explains why she hasn’t been teaching the class for a while because she just got married…yada, yada.

I was eagerly waiting for her to say something about being lip-to-lip with both Jason Priestley and Luke Perry but nothing of the sort came up. The only thing that was even a remote mention of 90210 was when she was demonstrating a pose and she likened it to surfing. *sigh*

Heather McAdam

After class – actually, while I sat in my car Googling from my iPhone – I found that she is indeed a certified yoga instructor and lives here in Orange County. It doesn’t look like she’s acted in some time (like, the late 90’s) but damn, teaching yoga is doing wonders for her!

The crazy thing is that this isn’t the first time I’ve been in the vicinity of someone from the original Hills. When I was in college, the girl who played the younger version of Erica (Dylan’s sort-of half-sister but not really) took a chemistry class with me. Freaky!

Have you ever randomly shared space with a celebrity of sorts? Did you tell them how much you loved or hated them? Do tell.

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