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A little back story to how I got hooked on Effexor XR. I started getting crazy hot flashes after I started chemotherapy treatment back in 2008. In addition to chemo, I was also receiving monthly injections of a drug called Zoladex in an effort to preserve my ovaries. My body was in chemotherapy-induced medical menopause. Hot flashes come with the territory so my oncologist prescribed Effexor XR to combat my wacky body temperature. Effexor XR is an anti-depressant but has been proven to reduce hot flashes by about 50% in women with breast cancer according to a study done by Dr. Charles Loprinzi at the Mayo Clinic (breast I was willing to try anything that would ease the hot flashes I was having so I ran down to the local Walgreens and filled that sucker. I’ve been trying now for at least a year-and-a-half to kick Effexor XR and it’s nearly impossible.


The highest dosage of Effexor XR I’ve taken was 75mg. At this dosage I felt numb. I was completely void of emotion. I didn’t cry. I didn’t laugh out loud. I was pretty much a zombie. But I didn’t have any hot flashes either. When I complained about how I felt my doctor lowered the dosage to 37.5mg – the lowest dosage available. Coming off of the 75mg to the 37.5mg wasn’t that hard. I was advised to continue the 37.5mg for two weeks and then take it every other day. The days I didn’t take Effexor I would feel awful. Dizzy, nauseous, and blurry vision. It’s like the flu on steroids and hangover all mixed in together. So, for months and months I stayed at the 37.5mg daily. Eventually, I was able to get to an every other day regimen but nothing else beyond that. I’m stuck.

I brought it up to my doctor again at my last visit. Her response was less than what I expected. She suggested I just stay on the Effexor if it’s so hard to stop taking it. What? Continue taking a pharmaceutical drug that I do not need just because she doesn’t have a discontinue solution. Ridiculous. Thank goodness there’s Google.

By the way, I still occasionally have hot flashes but I know what triggers them for me (coffee, wine, and sugar). Additionally, research is showing that a higher total dose of 75mg daily is needed to get significant relief from hot flashes. So there is absolutely no point in taking the 37.5mg of Effexor.

I’m not alone.

Back to Google. Forums and message boards are flooded with people asking advice on how to effectively wean from Effexor. I found that many of us are stuck at 37.5mg. The side effects from discontinuing this drug are horrible. I’m lucky because some people have extreme withdrawal symptoms – brain zaps, shakes, and chattering teeth.

But, I think I’ve found two options on how to finally get off of Effexor. I can either white knuckle it – hunker down in bed for at least three days and deal with what’s thrown at me. Or I can pursue the Prozac bridge.

What’s the Prozac bridge? I’ll explain later this week!

I’d love to hear if you’ve taken Effexor XR and successfully discontinued the drug. Tell me what worked and what didn’t work.

Updated: I finally quit Effexor.  Read here how I quit Effexor without the withdrawals!

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