DIY Summer Activity Calendar

Seventy-one days of summer, yo.

There is excitement in my tone, I swear. I’m really looking forward to completely eliminating our school routine. I want lazy beach days, fun pool days, riding bikes in the street until sun down, and everything else that does not at all resemble packing a school lunch and making sure the reading log is updated. But, I need structure and a plan, too. Otherwise, we’ll still be in pajamas at noon because we (er…I) wasted the morning away on Facebook and watching television.

The solution? A summer activity calendar.

I’m highly visual and need to see all of our commitment in one space. Plus, there is educational benefit in calendar math and counting down the days to first grade for my daughter and this was a fun DIY project she and I could do together. Mind you, I had to let go of my Type A-Perfectionist tendencies when she started putting beach and camping stickers on every single date. Whatever.

sum activity calendar

This project is so super easy.

Grab a poster board and washi tape from your local craft store, Target or Dollar Store. These items are incredibly inexpensive and can be found for probably less than $5.

Figure out how many days of summer you have. For us, it was 71.


Measure out how many squares you need equal to the number of days the kids are out of school. Oh boy, this my friends…not easy. I had to recruit the husband to figure out the square size to get us 71 — or somewhere sort of close.


Use the washi tape to mark off the individual boxes. I love washi tape because it’s so easy to work with and there are a billion different options to create the design you want.


While it doesn’t look like a typical calendar, it still illustrates the number of days. We plotted the dates and marked the events that we already knew there were plans (i.e. family vacations, camp and weekend trips). On those days, my daughter stuck stickers that were appropriate for the activity planned. Again, hit your dollar bins for cute summer stickers. In the remaining days, I had her write in things like “San Diego” or “OC Fair.”



We had some precut letters left over from a sign we made earlier in the year to give it a title (if you can’t see it, it reads “In Summer” because we’re still obsessed with Frozen. Aren’t you?) We clipped it up on my daughter’s art easel and now we wait until school gets out!

What are your plans this summer?

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