Netflix ReBoots I’d Like to See

Did you hear that a Full House reboot is coming to Netflix in 2016?

John Stamos announced in April that the show will return with most of the original cast and also tweeted two days ago that Bob Saget will also be back as Danny Tanner. Missing are the Olsen twins. Is anyone surprised?

It had me wondering if Mary-Kate and Ashley are necessary for a Full House reboot. A reunion? Maybe. But definitely not a reboot. It could easily be written that Michelle Tanner is off being a fashion mogul somewhere. I certainly hope she wouldn’t still be living with Uncle Jesse somewhere in San Francisco.

I’m not going to lie. I’ll definitely watch the 13-episode run of Fuller House when it hits Netflix. I watched the original series during its first run on ABC and my 7-year-old daughter now watches the re-runs all the time.

The absent Olsens had me thinking about which TV shows I could totally watch without a major returning character. Here’s my top three:

1. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica


Can I tell you how much I loved this MTV series? I was obsessed, like, OBSESSED. And can I say that I would be one happy girl if Netflix added this series to their library of streaming content. Anyway, we all know these two aren’t married anymore but Newlyweds could easily be rebooted. I’m just not sure though if I want to watch Newlyweds: Nick and Vanessa or Newlyweds: Eric and Jessica.

2. Beverly Hills, 90210


Ok, I am a 90210 fan girl and I know that this show was rebooted back in 2008 but the new series was never as good as the original. So, ignore that the 2008 series existed and imagine with me the 2015 version. Donna (still married to David) is a reality TV show housewife for a popular cable network and Kelly is her PR rep. I could probably do without the rest of the original cast. But, the show would definitely need Brandon or Dylan. What say you?

3. Felicity


ANOTHER original series that should be on Netflix! If you didn’t know, Keri Russell now plays a spy on The Americans and Scott Foley is on Scandal (both great shows!). A Felicity reboot with Ben, Sean and Meghan would be awesome but it obviously still couldn’t be called Felicity. Maybe it could be called Smoothaise. Please tell me someone knows what I’m referring to.

netflix disclosure


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