What I Love About The League

I knew absolutely zero about football before I met my husband.

He was a big fan of the both college football and the NFL and I quickly realized that if I wanted to hang out with this guy on the weekend that I better learn a few things about the sport. (To be fair, he took me to see plenty of chick flicks. It was a very balanced courtship.)

I was a pretty quick study. One Sunday afternoon, my dad had a game on and I yelled “PASS INTERFERENCE!” at the TV. My dad couldn’t believe what he had heard. I followed up with “What? The guy didn’t turn to look at the ball.”

Fast forward several football seasons with lots of wins and a few heartbreaking losses for our favorite teams. My husband and his brother decided to create a fantasy football league and they needed another player to round out the league. I bet they thought I’d be an easy opponent. Sure, I might have learned the ins and outs of the sport over the years but what the heck did this girl know about the players?

Well, if it wasn’t for Andy Reid pulling out Eagles running back, Brian Westbrook, I would have locked up the championship that season. We still laugh every time we see Andy Reid on TV and my husband makes sure to remind me of my words that day I was robbed of the league championship: “DAMN YOU, ANDY REID!!!”

I have since retired from playing fantasy football.


I recently started watching a hilarious and far too realistic scripted comedy about fantasy football called The League. It’s in its last season on FX but I’ve binge watched the entire first and second seasons on Netflix.

The League is about a group of guys who play fantasy football. The quips are sharp and the dialogue is both fast paced and wildly inappropriate. What I love about The League is that it’s not all football all the time. It’s largely about the friendships between the male characters and there lay the comedy gold. Spouses play a significant role in each storyline, too. The ongoing push and pull between Kevin and Jenny is hilarious. Especially when Kevin refuses to let Jenny join (even though she is clearly a better player than he) and it seriously backfires.


My favorite is Paul Scheer as Andre. He’s a gullible plastic surgeon who believes he should take Tim Brady (yes, Tim, not Tom) in the first round of the draft. Andre often gets the last laugh (Shiva!) but I crack up every time the guys lay into him about his Ed Hardy shirts and when he erroneously shouts “child please.”

Season two introduced Jason Mantzoukas as Rafi and he delivers the best one-liners throughout.

I’m already mourning the end of this series because it’s so funny. I’m glad to know I’ve got Netflix to catch up to the season currently airing on FX. Thank God for Netflix and thank God for The League.

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. This post is not sponsored but I did receive a subscription and tablet to stream content from the ever growing Netflix library.